Thursday, August 18, 2011

Let's Play Catch- up---

I have been so busy living life...I have no time to blog about it!
Here's a little of what's been going on:

First, Sad Stuff
We had to put our cat down...
She has been part of our life for- 
-16 years 7-1/2 months- 
so most of my kids life!
It was hard, but it was much harder to see her suffer from: Blindness,stomach stuff, and arthritis and etc...
Her name was Anabelle, and
all of my kids friends have stories
about her.
She tended to be an onery cat, so she had all kinds of nicknames. 
But we all loved her and were sad to let her go!

On her way to the Vet's-
She perked up and was purring...Tears
Dang Cat- that made it harder, but the Hubba was already doing the paper work.
This was hard on him, because he was her caretaker all her life. He is a good guy and loves most animals. 
Good thing the guys at work don't read my blog!
I might be in a little bit of trouble- oops.

On to the funny stuff- A family photo shoot...
Animal family, that is.

As you can see, it did not work!!!
The animals would not cooperate, ugh!
Especially Zoey {The Retriever}
She thought it was a love fest- ha-ha.
Scooter{Grand Dog} Cute little  thing.
Roxy {Grand Dog} Spaniel
Jack {cat} Mine
We need animal therapy over here!

We also celebrated Izz's Birthday!
She loves "Pinkalicious"
So her Mom made it happen...
She is good that way!!!

She looks sweet & Innocent!!! Not So...

Birthday Hugs from Brother!

Pink, Pink and More Pink!!!

Picture w/ Gramma & Kranpa!
Gramma needs Botox or More Sleep. lol

 Then we have the whole house De- Junk & paint everything that doesn't move!

Only have pic. of my French Door Paint Reveal.
I will post others later.
Beware: Crappy pictures below.

This is the After, Sorry- I somehow lost the before...

Another After-
Paint: Wild Truffle - It's a grey Brown- Love IT!!!
Trim is: A wicker Color.
That Job was a 3 day adventure.
I started by painting the door white-
Did not like - too plain

Then I painted it Tan...
 That was a no go-
It made the trim look yellow.

Next I tried Black-
Nope not working for me.

So last and Final I went to the paint store and picked out Wild Truffle,

Then I decided the trim needed to be painted too!

So {we} un- assembled the doors and took the trim off and spray painted it...

Painted the door...

Re- assembled the Door, then I had to re-paint the trim...Yuck!

I Do not recommend doing this:
It will cause your spouse to...
Loose his Cool!!!!!!! Really!!!

Well I will have to continue on another post-
Because This girl needs to go to work-
So I can pay for more Home Projects!
Yah- Right.

Stay Cool- and don't do any projects because:
XOxxxxxOO- MEG

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  1. WHAT! Annabelle the cat is dead! Why was I not notified. RIP Annabelle!