Monday, June 27, 2011

OLd StuFF MaKES ME HaPPy !!!

I was stressed and I was tense, so I dropped everything & went to:
 A {private} 
Vintage sale...
Hosted by my dear friends...
This is what I saw:

This is one of my favorite places to visit,
so it is exactly what my soul needed!

More goodness- I loved it all.

These are my lovely friends who hosted this much loved event!!!

The plaid cooler was my purchase for the day...
so much to choose from.

Typewriters are always a fave of mine!!!

Love the cute little kitchen...
reminds me of my Grandma's House.
I left the gathering with a renewed soul, and I was ready to move onto...
YW Girl's Camp...
And that my friends will be the next post.
Have a GREAT Week...
& enjoy...
anything that makes your soul HAPPY!

Friday, June 17, 2011

What's Been Going Down???

I've been absent...
I've been slaving over work projects...
I've been preparing for Girl's Camp...
I've been planning & enjoying an Italian Date Night
for Laurels and Priests...
I've been training a new employee...
I've been doing Family things...
Necessary things...
But I {have not} been doing any housework...
So, don't come a knocking, cuz this house is a MESS!

A few pictures to let you all in to my CRAZZEE LIFE:

This was the setting for the fun & yummy
Date Night.
I will post more pics of the cute couples...
After Camp!

My 2 daughters and I have been working very hard on this
project- {Mixed Media Art}.
The project is all about self- esteem, the girls have to list 5 positive things about themselves...easier said than done.
I hope the girls at camp will appreciate the whole concept of the art project.
I think my girls and I did a great job- don't you???

Our Camping Trip...

My Hubba Had a Birthday!!!

Grands having fun & Getting Dirty!

C & C celebrated their 1st Year Together!!!

Yummy Food - & Cute Faces

The Dog gets some LOVIN!


Free Massages from Dad...
Nothing better than blurry pictures...
But all in all it was a great time...
Especially the good News we received...
more about that later!!!

Until Next Time...
Have Fun & Make Memories!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Retail Therapy @ KMART!!!

We have had a crazy spring- meaning lousy weather. I was getting a little depressed and so I thought I should go and get some therapy... 
Since I live in a small town, we don't have too many places to shop.
Wal-Mart or K-Mart???
Hmmm- because of lack of energy, I chose 
K-Mart, because K-Mart requires less energy.
So here is what I managed to acquire:
  • 1- Pair of Dress Shoes = $3
  • 3- Pair of Flip Flops = $21
  • 3- Shirts = $30
  • 3- Folders = $3
  • 2- Buckets = $2
  • 1- Pillow = $10
  • 1 - Essie Nail Polish = $8
Grand Total $ 77 plus Tax
I know that sounds like a lot of money, but usually I only get 2 bags of cleaning supplies, this time I got 5 bags of FUN!!!
I know it helped the depression too!!! Ha-ha

Everything was on sale- except the
"Cute as a Button"
Nail Polish.
I think I did good, don't you???
Cheaper than a therapy session!!!
K-Mart should pay me for this kind of Ad!!!

Well, I'm off to polish my toes, and 
Gussy up the pillow for my guest room, and
Organize my papers in my cute folders, and
Try on all my cute shoes, and
Try on my cute new shirts, and
Play in the dirt with the grands with the new buckets!!!

Hope your week is as exciting as mine-
{with} or {without} RETAIL THERAPY!!!
I'm too blesst to be depressed!!!
Hope you are too!