Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cake...Candles...Christmas Eve...


I wanted to share "Our Family Christmas Eve"- But I had to be in the right mood to waited till that moment arrived.

This morning as I was looking up road conditions for my Son- who has to travel scary Highway 6... I came upon one of my fav. blogs- - This young mom has always been an example to me, as was the case today. Her Christmas post hit me, as I watched the video's that she posted, and I was driven to write my special thoughts too...

Christmas Eve has always been the time that we as a family- gather and reflect- so this year was no different. My DIL Cic. brought her family tradition and shared with us...

The Picture of the Savior...The cake...the candles...Silent Night playing...testimonies... and that is what we remember the most about our Christmas -2010!!!

This tradition was almost not shared, because DIL didn't bring cake...but as Faith would have it...Neighbor brought over a did she know that is what we needed??? (tears)

I did not have a specific plan for Christmas Eve, but The Lord had a plan, and { He ] placed everything in order for us. Things could have totally gone different, because Satan wanted us to fight... and not enjoy the Spirit of Christmas...but no...The Holy Ghost whispered- and we all listened, including Neighbor...and the Eve Of Christmas did not DISAPPOINT!!!

Thank you... to all of you who are such great examples -of the true meaning of [Christmas} & to everyone who supports and lifts me up when I need it the most...and thanks to Cic.: for sharing her tradition. I am thankful that my family is always willing to follow {THE SAVIOR} and that {THE SAVIOR} is always looking out for us, and for what we need-when we need it!!!

I am so aware of the many people that are suffering, and I hope that I can be the Lifter-Upper in their lives...Because that is what it is all about- right? I am thankful for people that share their trials, and remain faithful, because that is powerful to me... check out: and see how faithful my nephew, and his wife {deal} with their trials...they are amazing.

In 2011- the new thing to do is find a word- just one word- that you will FOCUS on, and IMPROVE on- in your life. I have been thinking about this since reading about it...and I think I found my word...I will share that word in another STAY TUNED-

In Twenty-Eleven...
Keep the Faith...
Be a Good example...
Learn from others...
and kiss the ones you love- because it's almost... 
New Year's Eve!!!
Hugs, MEG

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Good Times and Holy Mess...

Lots of Pillow Pets...Matching vests for grand girls...movies for all...wrapping paper everywhere...excitement crammed in one little room!!! 

R's looking tired...or maybe just feeling broke...not sure about son...he's just looking odd... more confusion going on...lots of garbage bags...

Grandson's Mote Monkey...Grand Dog-Scooter...close-up of coloring book...lots of strange pictures...I was not operator of the camera!!!

This is where the holy mess comes in...all adults were sleep deprived...I think that is what is wrong with everyone including... MEG...HOLY MESSSSSS!!!

Told you...I do not know what that was about...too much sugar...not enough sleep...too much coloring...not enough make-up...

So I think I'll get some rest...and eat some veggies...and put on some make-up!!!
Until next post...Have a great Week...and...don't let anyone get hold of your camera!!!
Love, MEG

Thursday, December 23, 2010

All Because 2 People Fell In Love!!!

These are the 2 People...

And this is the "ALL BECAUSE"...

These are the many gifts that I have been wrapping for days. Plus there are 8 more big gift bags in the basement, and there are bigger gifts hidden somewhere...some of my kids read this blog, more locations will be given. ha-ha

Also, I am on the hunt for 2 small gifts- that I just remembered and I have no idea where they might be. hmmm...

I am relieved that the wrapping is done, now I can concentrate on other things, like...what are we eating???

Neighbor gifts are mostly delivered, and house is half clean, and it ever done?
Friend gifts are mostly done, some I will finish tonight...
No work until Tuesday-Yippee
My Bedroom is waiting for fairy- to clean & wash sheets.

So, ready or not Christmas is almost here- as in 1 day... and I for 1, am going to try to de-stress, and enjoy all the moments... of Christmas Bliss!!!

I am so glad I decided to "SIMPLIFY" this year!!!! Ha-Ha... Did You???

I hope you all enjoy the Blesst Day of our Savior's Birth...and ENJOY all the "MOMENTS"!!!

Merry Christmas, MEG

Monday, December 20, 2010

Spiritual Sunday!!!

Sunday- Aaahhh- So Great!!!

Started out with:

  • Listening to my R.- singing in the ward choir-Love his voice-
  • Singing in Primary with my Sunbeams
  • Teaching my Sunbeams about Baby Jesus
  • Watching my Sunbeams play with the Nativity
  • Realizing how my sunbeams love Jesus
  • Realizing how much I love Jesus
  • Sharing treats with my sunbeams
  • Having visitors in my class (Tannon & Cloey)
  • Having my daughter help me with the sunbeams
  • Spiritual talk with our Home Teachers
  • Good food that R. & Abbie Cooked for us
  • Funny things that my Grands do and say
  • Watching Christmas movies
  • Eating brownies
All day was pleasant and I felt My Savior's Love...

This is what I came up with for my little Sunbeams:

I love my little Sunbeams, and all that they have taught me...

I hope you all had a Spiritual Sunday also... Because that is fuel for the upcoming week. I love fuel, don't you???

Now if it would quit raining and start snowing- I would be crazy excited- because this girl needs some snow for Christmas!!!

Stay Warm and Remember we all need Fuel... This Christmas, and all year long!!!

Love, Meg

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Comfort and Joy!!!

Just a short post about last Thursday: A party!!! Imagine that... 

A Cozy Cabin
Out in the middle of NO WHERE!!!

Yes, this was the place, and it was a perfect setting for a cozy Christmas Party!!! Don't you think???

The cabin was all decked out in Christmas decor, and the fireplace was flaming and the food was delish... what more could a girl ask for??? NADA!!!

The place was oozing comfort and Joy. The friends were delightful and we even had a fun gift exchange...of course there was stealing involved (as in gifts). I think everyone left happy and satisfied and might I add- well nourished- ready to take on the Holidays and enjoy it!!!

Thanks to all who helped and added to the JOY!!!

Oh Yeah, I made these little ditties for each place setting- CUTE- I think...

I had to go cheap, because of the numbers I had to make, so I went to Wal-mart, of course.
Candle- $1.50
Joy ornament- $1.00
I used a red glitter chenille stem to tie the ornament on. I could have glued it on the candle, but I didn't know how they would want to use it- candle alone, or ornament alone, or leave them attached. Who knows- there are so many options- ha-ha - not true- but hey, I was on a time schedule- so that's what I did!!!

So there you have it- COMFORT & JOY- It is the season for that... right???

All my guests loved that's all that my world!!!

Have A Fabulous Week & Find JOY in your JOURNEY!!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

More Christmas Goodness!!!

Tray of good smellies for the Bathroom

I borrowed this frame from my daughter, strung some wire and inked some small clothespins, and now I have a cute card holder... there are lots of these in blog land, so I thought I would try it out.
A little jingle for the bathroom...
My scrap booking Garland !!!

It finally snowed...Yeah...only a skiff...but it helped the mood around here!!! So double Yeah!!!

So there you have a few more goodies that are in my nest...There are a lot more, so don't go to far....

I have been busy partying, and I still have 2 grandkids birthdays next until next time....

Merry Partying!!!
Happy Shopping!!!
Merry wrapping!!!
Happy Baking!!!!
Or whatever you have going on- Just enjoy- because in 6 days...It's all over...Boo!!!
Hugs, MEG

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Best Christmas Ever!!!

My Christmas Baby is 29!!!

December 16th, 1981 - was the best Christmas Ever!!!

I will never forget that year- what a joy to celebrate the Savior's birth and also the birth of my first SON!

He was born right  on his due date, so that was good. He arrived  weighing- 8lbs. 12 1/2 oz. and was 21 1/2 inches long!!!Yeah, that was a big load of happiness--solid and a head full of black hair-JOY-

We were in the new hospital and we broke the record for having 20 babies in 24 hours, and my son was the biggest and cutest of them all. He made his Daddy proud because he was the only baby with sideburns!!! Ha-ha Every dad's dream, right?

He also broke my record- biggest baby- no drugs- ouch!!!

He has been a delight all his life, giving us joy all year long. Sometimes the joy was too much for me to handle... if you know what I mean. ha 
He has always been very giving and always concerned about people, especially the sick and wounded. I think that is why he is in the profession of helping hurt and sick people!!!

He adored his mom, big sister, Grandma Cruz, and Dad!!! He always did what big sister wanted him to do- even if it got him into trouble!!! He was always smiling, and made everyone laugh, because his hair stood straight up and no amount of hair product would keep it tame. He loved to eat, and he always put himself to bed- no begging- when he was tired he just went to bed- every Mom's dream!!!

When Mom had son # 2, He was mad and kinda attached himself to his Dad- and they are still attached today. Ha-ha

We have enjoyed our Christmas baby for 29 years and we are very grateful for all his love!!!

He has become a great husband, Daddy to 3 beautiful girls, and a caring Son, who shows us love, by cooking us yummy dinners. I hear a lot about my son from people he has worked with and people he has helped- it is all good and I could not be prouder of the man that he has become.

He has had some trials in his life, one of them being diagnosed a type 1 diabetic at age 20, right after he was married. We almost lost him a few times, and that is very difficult for us. We are thankful that he is doing better now and continues to do good. This is not easy for him and his wife, but they are diligent and faithful and they have testimonies that would make you shiver. For that I am grateful!!!

So Jesse, on this 29th Birthday---Have a Great Day--Sorry you have to work...Remember you are special to us and that we love you and appreciate you for who you are and what you do...I will be eternally grateful for My Christmas Baby and the Best Christmas ever in 1981!!! Happy, Happy Birthday- ENJOY - Because next year it is the big 30!!! Yikes


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What's Going On???

I'll start with:

My Baby Apple(laptop) was under the weather... My computer would not upload any photos, so I pretty much could not post on my blog...this is a legit reason and I was hating it...believe me. Thanks to Jordon(Mac and internet Genius)we are back in business. YEAH!!! Hopefully no more problems for a while-ok!!!

So with that said:
We need to upload some pictures...Here we go... A LITTLE CHRISTMAS GOODNESS!!!


My Vintage Collection-Love IT!

Our Little Town

Grandma K with The Big Guy @
Our Big K Party!!!
She's been good, SANTA!!!

As I said before we had a very busy week last week, and it ended with the Big K party. It was a success, I think- because we survived and we had a great turn-out and that was fun, especially the Mr. and Mrs. appearance. They were great and MOST of the kids enjoyed it-some just screamed, kicked and cried!!! Oh, and the food was excellent as always-Kellers know how to cook and bake, those goodies were to die for... Thanks Family for all your help and love and attendance. kisses and hugs!!!

The decorating party at my house is over, thank goodness. Enough already- should've started in October. There is many more pictures to show, but I've gotta go...The Biggest Loser Finale Tonight...Hello and Goodbye.

Till tomarrow... or later tonight-Stay Tuned!!!
Christmas Love...MEG

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Recharged and....Ready!!!

Well Friends--- I think I have gotten over the "Christmas already" sickness. I know...I hate to admit it, but I was procastinating-BIG TIME!!! But I'm healed and I'm full steam ahead.

I had no plans for decor this year, so I just scavenged through all my stuff, and I have a lot of STUFF!!! I just wanted something like you see in Pottery Barn, but the budget was not gonna do it... so...I just starting throwing things up and changing things up and 3 days later, I finally got my tree, my nativity, my mantel, and 2 cute and simple garlands D-O-N-E...pheeew!!! What a job---kudos to all of you ladies and men who do all the work to make your home a wonderland for all to enjoy!!!

I now am working on my table centerpiece, and maybe taking out my vintage snowmen, and snow ladies!


That will have to wait- because me and R. are in charge of the BIG K. Christmas Party-yeah I know, who the heck gave us that assignment??? I mean really, don't you know I'm a little busy!!!  I'm also in charge of Christmas party for my employees and board members, and I'm trying to wrap up the budget at WORK, and I'm in charge of all the decorating at WORK, and I have many parties to attend, and meetings, oh and let's not forget about all the presents to buy- and WRAP- and all the friends that need my help, and all the cute grandkid projects that I want to do, and all the movies I want to watch, and uh-oh, I FORGOT to buy the angel tree gifts...sheesh... and the baking, oh, and doing dishes would be nice too- and all the deep wounds that Jack has inflicted on my body... so... yeah I'm feeling a little overwhelmed and I sometimes want to throw- up, or cry- or play dead... Ask R. and he'll tell you to leave me alone- because I'mm a little CRANKY!!! He is pretty much just laying low, and making sure I eat a lot, drink lots of water, consume pounds of chocolate, and trying to help, and that has saved me!!!

Thanks R.- someday I'll be back to normal (whatever that means) ha-ha. He even bought me a new garland for fireplace because he could not stand all the screaming coming out of my mouth, because none of my lights would work.

Oh, and he came up with a crafty idea all on his own and I am liking it, so next will see what he came up with...oops...don't tell anyone about that because- he is a macho man- and I don't want to ruin his identity. SSHHH!!!

So without further ADOO... the pictures:

THE TREE - with fur...

THE TREE- without fur...
But with Santa.

MANTLE...with Stockings...

THE MANTLE- no stockings...

This is years and years worth of reading...
Well with that done, I  must apologize for the crappy photos, call it bad lighting and shaky, stressed hands... oh yeah and why can't I remove my mismatched lamps from the mantle-duh!

I have a lot of dollar store items in the decor, so see how many you can see??? 

Can you see the funny snowman next to the white tree? Well, I broke his leg off- so R. glued it for me, and in doing so, he burned his finger-blister and all- ouch, so I did't have the guts to tell him that I wasn't going to use the little snowman in my scheme, so... I just stuck him there to be nice- and I just noticed he is in the picture...ha-ha...I am CRAAAZZZEEE!!! That snowman has got to G-O- don't you think???

Oh and yes, I really am enjoying this- Joyous Season- just give me a few days and I'll be in a giving, loving, sharing, and Christ-like mood... I'm just a little low on chocolate, so hang in there everyone, and keep your distance-ha-just kidding.

Thanks to my cute kids for pitching in & helping with the BIG K Party!!!

So until next time...may all of you wonderful blog readers...Have a Joyous Week and remember:
We're all too blesst-to be depressed!!!(thanks Jeri - my beautiful niece - for your words of wisdom) Many more pics to come, so you all come back now!!!

Hugs, MEG

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cutsie up your Planner!!!

Well as I said a couple of posts ago, I've been crafting. The first of many - is the MIGHTY PLANNER!!!

I believe if you plan... and most importantly... write it will be successful- whatever it may be. Are you with me???

I usually carry a franklin planner for work purposes, and because I like to hand write all things pertaining to my work business-but when it came to Christmas plans- I always use some beat up, tiny notebook, and shove it in my purse...well not this year- because I created something I could write lists... wants... sketches of more crafts... decor ideas... or just scribbles, and it's kinda cute and simple and that's what works for me.

So if you see me hauling around these things:

Just smile and know that I will be SUCCESSFUL this Holiday Season!
HA- THAT IS TOO MUCH I KNOW - Sorry for that over confidence, but a girl can dream can't she???

You never know...things just might get done around here- with the help of my Cutsie Planner!!!

So until next post (hopefully, crafty) Carry On and Plan in your planner- cute or not!!!

Oh yeah and ENJOY THE SEASON!!!


New John---New Jack---



Well, there she is in all her glory...finally installed, because my plumber hubby is a very busy, and wanted guy. ha-ha  I must add that she has a mighty flush, and that is fantastic in my world...and she is so white she sparkles!!! Who knew I could go gaga- over the john- but I did!!!

Now, about New Jack!!!!

This is New Jack...remember Jewels...well she is a he, and he is named Jack!!! 

You can never trust people who are desperate to give away kitties (ABBIE)

She said she was a girl, because that's what I preferred, but R. was looking at kitty the other day and started laughing... I asked what was so funny and he said: Jewels is a funny name for a boy cat...what??? 

Well I haven't checked it out, but I'm sure R. knows what he's talking about...and the person-(Daughter) who gave the kitty to me swears it's a girl...hmmm.
And to think this said person has had 2 kids...scary thought...I'm just saying. What kind of sex ed. did she take in school anyways??? Apparently she flunked the final exam-don't you think? me too (scratching head).

So I guess you could say that all is well in our little life- just a little strange, cuz what normal person would blog about toilets and sex ed. and such!!! Me that's Whoooooo!!!
Love, Meg

Monday, November 22, 2010

So...What are you grateful for???

Sorry, I've been MIA...But I'm back and I'm in action- ha-ha!!!

I've been scouring the Christmas magazines and dreaming of a White Christmas. I get so much inspiration from magazines and also I have seen some amazing things on others blogs...Yes I told you I blog stalk, don't act's something I can do that is entertaining and...FREE. I knew you would see it my way.

I have spent the last couple of days---CRAFTING!!! Crazy I know, but that's what I like to do when it is cold outside. There will be pictures next post, so...stay tuned!!!

Since it is the week of Thanksgiving, I am going to post pics of thanksgiving things and write my gratitude list. Hang on and enjoy!

Oh and guess what I got tonight...A NEW TOILET... yes that's right, FINALLY- I'M EXCITED!!! Don't be jealous, I've earned it, believe me, it's been like forever. Call me spoiled, cuz I am!!!

Just a little somethin', somethin' on my table.

I tried the Pottery Barn
know, wrap the corn around the vase, well
didn't have enough corn, so I just went with
this look. Not as cute, but hey, I'm
just a simple girl. ha

Look who made the photo shoot...
she is my side kick, and she likes
the camera, crazy cat!!!

My washed out Mantle-nothing special.

My Gratitude List:
  • My Cute Eternal Partner
  • My Family
  • My Friends
  • My Home
  • Food
  • Warm Clothes
  • My Job
  • Chocolate chip cookies
  • My cell phone
  • My Baby Apple (computer)
  • Warm fuzzy socks
  • Make-up
  • Flowers (real or fake)
  • Soft towels and rugs
  • Dishwasher
  • Craft magazines
  • New Toilet
All things that I have been Blesst with!!! Because I am ONE Blesst Girl... and for that... I am thankful!!!

Now it's your turn, share your gratitude with Meg!!!