Tuesday, July 3, 2012

June-Where did you Go?

June just flew by- thank goodness I took a few pics to remember it.

Sleeping Beauty got sun stroke.
It got hot very fast and furious in June.

My Peonies bloomed.

On June 12th we had lovely thoughts about my Brother on his birthday. Miss you Big Bro.

My sweet daughter brought me my fav. drinks. 
You can only get them in the summer.
Love that girl!

We celebrated this cute girl's 10th birthday.
My name sake and her new roller blades.
She's a Hoot!
I can not believe she is getting so old...

Time to get this girl sewing, don't ya think?

Well I made it through most of June...will have to post the rest of the month in a few days.
June was crazy busy...mostly crazy. lol

So long for now...
"you all" have a great 4th of July!
I know I will...

Navajo Tacos
Swimming Pool
Ride in the "new Ride". {more about that later}
Home made Lemonade
Sparklers in the pool
Red, White and Blue everything
Love Sweet Love

That's what it's all about- right?

God Bless America

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

May was Memorable & Busy.

Blogging was far from my mind in May...and now it's the end of June.
I'm jumping back on the band wagon & I am lining up some projects.
But first let's take a look at May!

Lots of soccer games... with these 2 handsome Dudes.

Cruel and unusual haircut for Zoey.
We did not do it...

Over feeding Izzie.
Makes for a quiet night.lol

Preschool Graduation for the twins.
Ha-ha, Izzie thinks they are twins.
It was also crazy hair day, hence the crazy hair.

Abbie's Art Work-Loved it. I was surprised when I came home from Vacay.

Angela surprised me with this precious book. Cried so hard.

Jesse & Andrea treated me with this manicure kit...needed it so bad.
Lots of cards and sweet notes from my kiddos.
Happy Mother's Day to Me!!!

Hubbs took me to St. George for a much needed get away & lots of shopping with a good friend. Can we say cupcakes??? lol

Dance Review for Sophie & Izzie.
Don't know why every picture is blurry...

Working hard on the house...waiting for a lovely Family to come and buy it.

Scooter came to visit...all dressed up in his Polo. Dresses like his Daddy!

Celebrated Hubbs Birthday @ Los 2 Amigos.
The workers came and sang to him in Spanish.
It is so fun to embarrass him.
He also enjoyed relaxing in his Cabela Lounger!

And to end the month of May, we spent the day in remembrance of my Mom.

The Grands love to visit Grandma Cruz. They talk about her like they knew her. It makes you wonder?

Then everyone went fishing...
Perfect way to spend a Month of May!!!
Don't ya think?

Have a great week and I will be posting June very soon.


Monday, March 19, 2012

It is what it is...

It's been a little fruity around here.
I have been off kilter.
Life has been kinda crappy.
Trying to fly through the grieving process.
Missing my Big Brother.
Trying to get back to normal.
{Whatever that is}

I have had to rely a lot on comfort foods like
Fruit Loops and...

Hot cocoa with lots of whipped cream.

I have found comfort in reading the 
Book of Mormon.

I find comfort in talking to friends and family.

I find comfort in trying to get pictures of shy little girls.

and celebrating with these guys:

 Because they totally rocked the 
Creative Kids Contest!

I am blessed to have so many distractions.

Because you can only think about loss
for a while, and then you have to take
a couple of steps forward.

I will continue with my process of grieving.

I will always miss my brother.

I will cherish life more because of my loss.

I will spend more time with people I love.

I will remember.

I will enjoy life.

I will help people to enjoy life.

Because that is the way my brother lived.

I am not 100%, but I am going forward.

Thanks to all of you who have helped me.

It is what it is...
but it is a whole lot better 
with people who care.


Have a fantastic week!!!
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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thirty Three Years Ago...

I was shoving cake in the Hubbs face.

All of our Pics. are in the storage unit...
so I was stuck with this one...
the only one on my computer.
Not the greatest but you get the gist...

2 people in love...
lots of family and friends...
Bad Hair day for both of us...
Light blue wedding colors(yuck) least fav. color-don't ask. 
It could provoke an argument. lol

White fluffy dress{Clear up to my Chin}
White tux {with tails}.

I was totally in la-la land.
Had no idea what the next 33 years would bring.

The odds on our Marriage were not good.
We were both the babies of our families.
We were young.
We were poor.
and on and on.

But looks like we made it!

It's been like strawberries & sparkly

Totally kidding...

It's been more like a Fiesta!

That's not true either.
Some days it was like...
2 babies raising a baby!

You know- lots of whining & crying going on.

There were 4 CUTE babies added.
Lots of bottles and diapers.

More bad hair days.
Then we switched to Baptisms, ball games, dance lessons, singing lessons, piano lessons,school, Chess tournaments,Spelling bees, loose teeth, braces,boyfriends, girl friends &

Lots of money for designer {GAP} clothing. 
Bad Hair Days.

Then there were graduations, weddings, Missions.

The kids were all growing up faster than we could believe, but My Man & I kept holding hands through it all.
{ in between all the screamings}&
more bad hair Days.

Adding more kids to the mix.

Don't have pics. of my girls weddings. {boo}

Along with the good times, we had our bad times too. We are normal after all.

We had 2 totally different ideas on how to raise and discipline kids.

We had 2 ideas on how to budget...
what...a budget...crap, I got no training on that one. Good thing the Hubbs did.

We endured lots of illnesses, surgeries,& diseases.

We learned much from owning and operating a Flower shoppe for 8 years.

We learned that every day is Precious.

We lost my Mom, Dad, step Dad and Glen's Dad all in a few years-We miss them so much.

I owe everything I am or hope to be to my Dear Sweet Mother.
{I borrowed that one from Abe}

Then came the Grands...

Wow- They are the Grand Prize!

 We have been blessed!
Just take a look at us NOW!

We have come a long way Baby!!!

Not quite as cheesy as we used to be.

Thank Goodness.

So this post serves as a reminder...
You can survive many things...
against all odds.

Here's to 33 or more Years with
{Hubbs, R, Dear, Jerk, Crazy, my one & only}.
Happy Anniversary Babyyyyyy!!!

Hope all of you have a great President's Day Holiday!
Love the ones you LOVE.

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