Monday, May 23, 2011

Look who's Following!!!

She Deserves an Award!!!

This is my oldest Grand...she is eight, soon to be NINE.
She just happens to share my Middle Name-"CLAIRE"
And I just found out recently that she follows my blog!!!

Her Mom said something to her about my blog and she said, "I know" 
Mom asks: "How do you know?" 
and she replies, "Because I read it on her blog" 
Her Mom chuckles and asks: "when did you read her blog?" 
She replies: "I always read her blog- it's good" Ha- Ha

I just love that "GIRL"- she is so awesome, and would I dare say that she is my fav. follower???

I think I all 8 of you other followers, don't get your feelers hurt, ok?

After all she is my first Grand, and she is my name sake, and she is my youngest follower!!!

So... if I can entertain an 8 year old, with this here blog, it makes it all worth it!!!

Keep on reading "Sweet Pea" cuz:
Grandma LOVES it!!!

And to all others who read this here blog:
Thanks- {You are all} almost my Favorites-Ha!

{If any of you have 8 year olds, maybe... JK}

Any Hoo, Keep On READING!!!
And I'll try to keep on writing!

Have an Awesome Week!
Keep safe if you're in the Tornado Zone!


"Love" is only "Love"... 
If you give {it} away!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Catching Up!!!

So...I thought I would catch up on everything I've missed posting in the last Month or so.
I'm seriously slow this month...

The City Easter egg Hunt...
First year it was good weather!!!
Dont't you love the cool glasses- and the 
cute Bunny- & the adorable little faces!!!

Updated pics. of Jack- He mostly sleeps, watches TV, and steals all my pipe cleaners from my craft room. He is one crazzzee Cat!!!

Yes- I made these, only because I'm too cheap to buy Hallmark cards- YIKES they are expensive.
But these beauties were a kit- and the kit only cost me $3.00---they are from Basic Grey, and I purchased them at the scrapbook expo.
I only have 6 more kits to assemble and then I will be set for the rest of the year. YEAH!!!

The old frame... the old wreath...and the other old wreath...soon to be my new Spring Wreath!
Now if I can just get the weather to cooperate.

Some Sunday Bubble Blowing!!!
Love it!!!

These boots have been used a lot lately...
wish I had a Pair!

And Last but not least...

We celebrated my cute little grand's
2nd birthday!
She has been such a fun little blessing in all of our lives...I absolutely love this little one!!!

She loved the #2 Pin that I made her-mostly the diamonds. She is one serious Princess, oh and Dora!!!

Wow- that was a lot of catching up, I bet you are exhausted!!! HA-HA

I have also been doing tons of research for work, and also working on Girl's Camp stuff...
so now you know why I'm so overwhelmed and behind on {everything]!!!
Hopefully I will survive through JUNE!!!

Oh Yeah, almost forgot---I had an Awesome Mother's Day!!!
I was spoiled as usual, and I am so blesst to be a Mother to 4 crazy, cute kids & 3 super bonus kids!!!
The Hubba did everything that I have taught him for 32 years!!! Ha-Ha 
He's Amazing...most of the time!
So with that said::::
Hope to see you all again soon!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The De-Clutter Bug

It's been awhile...
Me... I've been preparing for our annual
Nearly New Sale!!!
Every year, usually during Fair Days...
My 2 daughters, and a few friends get our 
De-Clutter Bug on... and clean out our houses
and then haul it all down town and sell
our past treasures for a STEAL!!!
This year we are going to try it earlier in the year, and see how that goes...then maybe... we'll try it again for Fair Days!
You will not want to miss this SALE-Because
we have some super, crazy things, because we all like to decorate and we all need to sell, so we can buy new things to add to our decor, and then we'll have more stuff for next sale!!!
So this is what my house is looking like...

Shoes- some new.

Scarves- all New.

Home Decor...Bedding...Rugs...ETC.

Seasonal Decor...
and that is just the start for me, There are piles everywhere-good piles, I remind my 

My daughters and their friends have way cuter,
and more... so if you live in the area...

Stop on by:
Saturday, May 14, 2011
@ 10:00 AM
Castle Dale, UT
{In front of Dr. Todd's Office}

Hope to see you all there!!!

Happy Spring!!! MEG