Monday, February 28, 2011

Part 2...

Monday Morn. {President's Day}
Our anniversary always falls between Valentine Day and Pres. Day.
We always have to share this holiday with everyone- and their dogs...
Note to self & others: Don't plan your blesst day on- or near any holidays!!! It just ain't right. lol
Off to Park City- we went- even though it was just a day trip- it is better than a day at home, arguing over the movie that we should watch...
We stop in Provo on our way, and eat at this place...

Our boys grown sons- love this place- and they thought we should try it. I'm always up to try new food, so we checked it out. Boys suggested Yellow Curry...
It was different- and good- but not what I imagined...but I will try it again before I give my final answer.

Then we traveled on to Park City!!!
Factory Outlets- Busy because of the Holiday!
Mrs. Fields Cookies- YUMMMM
World Market-Love the art, and the jewelry, and the unique drinks, and the kitchen supply dept., and pretty much- THE WHOLE STORE!!!

Fav. Drink & NO Sugar 

Inspiring sign=HAPPY

Then we went Here:

The BEST STEAK in town!!!
Yeah Baby-That was worth "32" 
Years of The Blesst Nest!!!
All in the name of love!!!
I feel so blesst to have a man- to love- and argue- with for 32 Years...and
so blesst to be able to drive 2 hours -south or north- to enjoy our beautiful state!!!
Go Ahead: BE JEALOUS- just don't hate!!! lol
Now you know- I am officially one week behind in posting...I'll catch up...promise...
If my body will cooperate...
setback with my blood sugars...
too low, not too high...weird...
But that's normal for me- {weird} that is!!!
Stay well, and LOVE all those around you, because love Month is officially over!!!
I'm gonna miss you-February!!!
{Maybe now I can focus on other things-besides LOVE...}

Saturday, February 26, 2011

All in the Name of L*O*V*E-{sigh}

So...the old blog has been neglected, because I've been busy celebrating Anniversary, and trying to chase the sun...
Our Anniversary day was Thursday, so of course we went to dinner, because we were going to celebrate on the weekend- on that thursday eve. we headed out, but- not before I took a picture of the Hub-32 years and I still think he's pretty cool!!!

Off we went- to find a restaurant, but we walked outside and this is what we saw:

A FULL MOON...Awesome, thanks moon for looking so good tonite!!!
We had a good nite- eating at Winger's- Good conversation-good food- ribs- yummmm, and remember the real celebrating was going to be on the weekend.
I'm looking forward to leaving town, and taking on my fav. place-
Park City.
Wake up Saturday morning to this:

WHAT!!! Snow, and this was just the beginning of the storm...We haven't had hardly any snow all winter, but make plans- to leave town- and this is what happens!!!Crud!!!
Plan B: There is no plan I tune into the weather channel and I see 5o degrees in Moab...Let's Go!!!
Moab is only 1 + hours, so away we go...
50 degrees- here we come!!! Are you ready for us???
1st stop- {Migeals} favorite Mexican restaurant in Moab!!!
Drive around enjoying the weather- looking at everything- with the windows rolled down... and we drive by this cool park-we just had to stop-A MUSICAL Park- all made from recycled junk- wow-Let's go play!!!

Well it looks like someone had fun...He is quite the musician!!!
Notice: Sunshine, and no coats- yee-haw!!! Mission Accomplished-chasing the sun paid off!!!
Oh, and look at the heart stump...I think that was just for us...

and the Bridge- just imagine what that will look like this summer!!!

So, after all the music making- we headed back home.Nice day, I'd SAY!!! I'm coming back to this {sweet} park.
There is stay tuned to:
All in the name of Love: Part 2
Peace out- I always talk like a hippie, when I go to MOAB- COOL MAN...

Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Favorite Read!!!

I LOVE to read, and that is an understatement.
If I could pick a day that I could do anything, 
it would be to read all day...& night!
So last summer, I decided to re-cover my fav. book...because it was a little ragged, and then I was called to be on the Stake Girls camp I made my re-cover job- the craft for Girls Camp! Brilliant- right? They all loved it, too!
I love the re-cover because it is ready to go- anytime I am...and that is a lot. Trips, Doctor Appt.,waiting,work breaks, and pretty much anywhere and anything.
But mostly, I love the re-cover because of what's inside...HOPE-LOVE-HELP-DIRECTION,ETC.
Then came Christmas, and the Gift from "R",
An Ipod!!! So then there was competition with the re-cover...what's a girl to do with so many options??? Well the Girl takes the IPOD now, but occasionally- I throw in the re-cover...just to humble me. lol
All the same though...because I'm enriching my mind and heart- either way- it's a win-win!!!
And I love winning!!!
{I'm a little competitive}I'm sure that is news to all of you. ha-ha
So here is the cute couple sharing in the limelight!!!

So my friends, if you seek wisdom- and inspiration- and help- for anything in your life...Read my Favorite Book...It's Free!!!
Send me your name and address- and I'll be sending you one in the mail, because I want you to have all the happiness that I do.
Share the LOVE...
Speaking of Love...This lovely couple is:

The NEW Bishop and Sister Bishop- of the
Castle Dale 2nd Ward! 
We are so excited for them, and we think that they are going to be Great and do Great things- so Congrats to my lovely daughter and her Hubby! What a spiritual day that was!!!
I will now close on that happy Note...
Happy Week- Friends!!!
Read...Love, MEG

Monday, February 14, 2011

Hearts Day &...

This day is always so great for is a day that you can share your thoughts and give sweets to those you love- what could be greater!!!

So for all of you who hate Valentine Day, because you don't have a LOVE in your life-Look around -and share with those that are lonely- or sad- or just need an extra boost. REALLY- it doesn't have to be about you...find some kids in your neighborhood and spoil them with love and candy!!! 
So... L*O*V*E... Don't HATE...It can be fun with a little imagination!!!

On to the reason that I am posting today:
This day means that I have had 32 years with a man that is a true romantic...He gives me flowers...and this year- Chocolate dipped Strawberries...and he gives his Mom flowers...and he gives his Daughters flowers...and that is what I love about this man!!!
This week we will celebrate our 32nd Anniversary and what could be better than to have all this love stuff floating around...NOTHING!!!

We have had our good times, our bad times, our ok times, our hard times, and also the best of the best times...and all those times have made us strong!!!  We will continue to SIZZLE - because that is what L*O*V*E is all about!!!

32 Years is a long...long...long time-but I'm glad WE have endured- because it is all worth it- and I love that he puts up with me- and that he argues so good, because that is important. lol
Martina McBride says it so much better than I-so listen to the song- and then go have some fun!!!
Let L*O*V*E OOOZZZZ from every pore!!!

Just Like JACK!!!

Let go...
Let Love lead the Way!!!
P.S. I Love all of you- MY Blog READERS...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

It's New Again!

I have 2 of these here cubes- and I love loved them...when they were new and pretty, but that was like 8 years ago. I have used them to store the {Grands} toys, and well you can see that they were well used- plus cat loves to scratch on them...but I couldn't even think about throwing them out, so I have been looking for fabric to cover them... well I found the fabric at ....Wal-Mart!!!
Now they look like this:

I am not quite done- now i am looking for that tack trim- to go around the bottom and the top. If I find what I want I will finish and let you all in on the show. lol
I do not profess to be an expert or anywhere near an expert on re-covering furniture...but I sure have fun trying! Most of my problems are because I live too far away from the city, and I can't find what I want-at least that's my excuse-{ha-ha}
The best part is what you can store inside:

So when you come to visit- you will know where the stash is!!! Don't tell the {Grands}- cuz they can't drink least while their parents are here. ha-ha
The toys have a new home- Thanks to IKEA!!! Pictures later...
Well I've got to run...
I have a hot date I better get cutsied up...and it's a double date with the oldest and her Hubs...More about them----tomorrow!!! IT'S GOOD!!!
xoxo- MEG

Monday, February 7, 2011

All Weekend long...

This was our MOTTO last weekend...

Yea, that is hard to imagine, right???
This is how it all started:
Went shopping on Saturday with daughter and her 3 kids...
I  have 8 year old Sophie and 6 year old Carter in my cart,and this is what was said:
Carter: How old are you Grandma?
Me: Um-how old do you think I am?
Carter: Hmmm-pause-uh...24?
Me:{laugh uncontrollable} Yeah that's right!
Carter: How old is Grandpa?
Me: How old do you think he is?
Carter: Uh---60!!!
Me: Laugh uncontrollable-no he's 51!
Sophie: Yeah Carter, don't you remember the big party we had for Grandpa-like a year ago???
Carter: Grandma is 24- ha- ha
Sophie: Carter, Mom is 31!!! {laugh uncontrollably}
Carter: {laugh uncontrollable}That is so funny Grandma is 24 and my mom is 31-that is hilarious!!!
We all laugh uncontrollably-and Sophie falls off the cart and Carter well he just thinks he's a genious- cuz he guessed how old I was...
I love My Grandkids!!!

Then on Sunday we went to visit my son, wife, and their 3 girls...
and yes the laughing continued...
I was sitting on the couch and taking video with my Ipod- the girls were running around being goofy! Then Brin. trips and falls and I'm laughing uncontrollably and forget to video the funniest thing ever, or so I thought... A few minutes later, I'm videoing again and I look out of the corner of my eye, and there is Brin. with her pom-poms...swinging her hips...singing...and throwing her pom-poms...well I look at her mom and we bust up, {laughing uncontrollably} and guess what, yep, you got it...I didn't catch it on video...what is wrong with me- all these funny moments and I forget to video!!!
I'm too busy enjoying busy to record it, sheesh, it's crazy-this laughing uncontrollably, but I wouldn't have it any other way!!!
So you will just have to take my word for it- We had a great weekend...laughing uncontrollably!!!
Loving life as a 24 year old!!!
I hope your weekend was all that & more!!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Love is in the Air!!!

As I promised- there is love hanging around the Nest!!!
I had to get my act in gear, cuz a few friends were coming over... so I put everything on hold- and cleaned and decorated...and this is what I came up with!

So there you have it---
Love in the Nest...
Valentines Day has always been a favorite Holiday with our family, because:
It's me & R's Anniversary...and because we once owned a flower shoppe-so we had a lot to do with all the hoop-la! It was our families favorite way to hang out on Heart Day...and it was usually around the clock for 1 lots of good times, tons of work, and loads of stress, but we had fun making everybody else happy!!! 
What's better than celebrating a day with 
I love You's... Candy...Balloons...Chocolate...Flowers...
Cookies...Knock & Runs...
Pink and Red oozing from everywhere...Yah
Now that's what I call L-O-V-E!!!
How do you spend Hearts Day???
Please Tell...