Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Everything Orange and Card Cutsies!!!

It's hard to believe that I am just now posting pics of my Halloween Decor---what the??? and who's a little behind??? MEG, that's whoo!!! Well that's life in my world, at least I'm posting before Oct. 31, right? Sorry I'm not like the pro's, who have their decor on their blogs, by Sept. 1- at the latest- they bug, if you know what I mean. I am the real deal and I choose to wait till October 26th, what's the big deal anyways...



I want to end on a good note- so...I'll share the cute and creative cards that I acquired tonight at "Card Club".These ladies are the bomb, I love all their cute cards!!!
Happy Wednesday!!!
Love, Meg
Please excuse the picture bloopers-I can't seem to get them in order, maybe I should go to computer class, just a thought...

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Yes, that's right-ghost poop soup- it's yummy!!! I'm sure you'll love it too, just give it a try and let me know what you think!!!

So here's how it went down:

  • Bought black & white mugs at Wal-mart.
  • Punched out circles from black and white vinyl.
  • Stuck vinyl circles randomly on mugs.
  • Put ingredients in clear cello bags---Hot chocolate mix and marshmallows or (Ghost POOP)
  • Tie cute ribbon on bag.
  • Stamp tag and attach to mug and walla- perfect gifts for visiting teaching-friends-relatives-neighbors-fellow employees, whoever you love!!!
Fast and fun to assemble- Thanks Abbie for making me do something productive!!!


(This is a reminder to myself for the week) What are your plans???
Whatever they are have a great week...xoxox Meg

Monday, October 18, 2010

BFF's and The Angel!!!

Crrraazzzeee!!! BFF's

I am writing today with a heavy heart... no, nothing bad has happened in the nest - pheew...but first born baby girl is having a birthday!!! I refuse to divulge her age, but...gulp...where did all the time go??? Good thing she looks young for her "age".

Today I write to her, and her alone, because it is her special day. I must say that I was so happy the day you arrived, 36 hours of labor was gonna kill me- thank goodness for forceps and doctors who decided to come off the mountain and deliver, instead of shooting a deer. The nerve to be in labor during the deer hunt!!!

I soon learned that you were going to see how tough I was... and so you cried, non- stop and broke out with hives, and decided to burst out 2 teeth, at 2 weeks old, yes I said weeks!!! Well I showed you, that I could put up with whatever you could dish out.I cried non-stop too!!!lol At 3 months, you finally settled down and I must say the rest of our journey was wonderful!!! Well we are still journeying, but we are having fun now - at least, I am... remember BFF's!!!

You were named by your Dad, even though I put up a good fight...so...Angela Maria Keller...you blessed our nest first. You were such a beautiful little girl- even though you were bald your first year of life. You were always smiling and you never learned to walk, you learned to run!!! You are still running...(skinny little thing). I must say that you never, never, never gave up on anything, you just try harder and stay up later. ha-ha You were such an angel growing up-really-not exaggerating. You were great with your brothers and sister and you had many friends and still do. You are a great mother and wife and you love doing Family history( for that I am most grateful)!!! You love anything artsy and your home shows it!

I have such love for you, because you taught me to be tough, and you taught me to love unconditionally, and you loved me unconditionally, and you brought me much joy, happiness,lovelieness,and you made me a proud mom in every endeavor that you tried- even jr. jazz basketball!!! You still make me proud as I watch you conduct your own life, and the life of your little family. You are always behind all the good parties in our family, and you are always making my world a little prettier with all the goodies you make me. You will be a good example to me for all eternity...
So today I am full of gratitude as I pay tribute to YOU, my BFF, You are my little flower and will always be, no matter how old you are!!! So Happy, Happy Birthday My little Angel...Have a wonderful day!!! Meet you @ the Grub Box for a yummy pumpkin pie shake!!!

Thanks for being my BFF!!!
love, love, love, your mommeee!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010


Well, it has been awhile- 10 ten days to be exact! I know, that is a long time in blog world and I'm sorry, but life happens and so does being lazzyyy!!! Let me clarify "lazy"- it is: (according to Meg)

  • Taking time to relax
  • Finish reading book I have been trying to finish all summer long (BORN TO RUN)
  • Enjoying this beautiful fall weather (minus the rain, wind, hail & tornado)
  • Riding the "Cruiser"
  • Taking pics of cute people
  • Trying to get all the fall & halloween decor out & up
  • Training- no, not body, mind- as in work
  • Taking rides to unknown and unwelcome places ( thanks Jesse)
  • Partying- LOTS of birthdays this time of year
  • Yard Work=YUCK
  • And my favorite- Eating, drinking and being MERRY!!!
So now you know the rest of the story- Feel Better???  I DO, that was a heavy load to carry.

Here we go!!!

Trying hard to SMILE !

The End!!!
Have a Lazy Weekend
& ENJOY!!!

HELP: Email me if you know how to fix my header on this blog

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Wowza, my toes look diseased when I zoomed in-YUCK. But what do you think about the polka dots???
Cute, huh? Well that's what I thought too, just imagine them on pretty feet, anyhow DIL brought these vinyl toes down for us Keller chicks to try...and yes we love them!!!! They are super easy to put on, and they stay on for-EVER. They are basically vinyl stickers for the toes, imagine that, someone smart invented something good for the toes-WOWZA. Thanks CIC for the sweet treat!!!
The polka-dot toes have proven to make me happy, every time I look down on pathetic feet...I smile because polka-dots make me smile- how about you??? Not that I need polka-dot toes to make me smile, but hey anything helps during this rainy season we are having, right? Which brings me to the next subject- RAIN- It has kept me from going up the canyon to get some great fall pics for my new fall header, which is non-exsistent because of RAIN. But I am grateful for the rain, and I'll try not to complain about the RAIN, at least for a few minutes- because- RAIN is good!!! Yaay Rain!!!
Okay few minutes is up. Why does it have to rain this week??? I have a new ride (as in Beach Cruiser) and I haven't been able to ride it once, and RAIN makes me feel yucky sometimes, and I don't want to feel yucky, and I need to clean out flower beds, but the RAIN...Well you get the message...hey thanks RAIN, you have saved me a lot of work this week!!! Thanks so much for the- oh so badly, needed rest!!! SEE- that is how you change things to the positive- it's that easy- just talk to yourself and WOWZA- Good day- Sunshine!!! Love that song and love the Beatles!!!
Also, about positive...General Conference...Prophet...talks that speak to me...Yes,  now that was positive baby, and I soaked in every single word, and now I am good to go for another 6 months...WOWZA!!!

        SEE YA- WHEN THE rain STOPS!

         Think POSITIVE-Enjoy LIFE
                         HUGS, MEG

Good Day Sunshine

Friday, October 1, 2010

Last Night...Me & NIENIE

              WATCH VIDEO FIRST-
                             READ POST-LEAVE COMMENT-PLEASE
Yes, you heard me right...I was in the same room as this beautiful woman!!! I went to hear her speak at BYU, and I will be on cloud nine for a day or two, or more!!!
NieNie has been my inspiration since I met her, oh about a year ago. Well I haven't actually met her, but I stumbled on her blog last year and I have since been enthralled by her story. She is one of the main people that inspired me to start a blog. Yes I will be saying "inspired" a lot in this post- so hang on!
As we arrived at the Wilkinson Center, there were hundreds of other INSPIRED girls and women arriving too, I started to get anxious-maybe I could get a picture with her or maybe I could actually talk to her, wow the expectations were getting the best of me. We hurry and followed the crowd to the ballroom and I couldn't believe all the people, mostly INSPIRED women-but there were a few brave guys there too.
We thankfully found 2 chairs, about 1 mile away from the stage- but hey, it beats standing-like a lot of people had to do. We then ran to the food court because of course, we did not have time to have dinner.
WE grabbed a drink and some bugles (nutritious right?) and headed back to our seats. Don't tell R, but before we went to food court, I asked  INSPIRED cute girl in the chair next to me to save our seats & I left my purse with my very nice camera on my chair (nerves, I tell ya) with cute girl-I am very trusting or crazzeee!!!
When NieNie stepped on the stage- everyone went wild and she was so amazed by the amount of people that she just cried and she continued to cry through the whole thing. SHE is the real deal I tell ya...very sweet and grateful for everything. Her hubby was by her side the whole time and some of her other family also. Anyhow- everything she said was energy for my heart, and I am so happy that I traveled 2 hours to see her. The reason she was asked to speak was to kick off a campaign for women entitled "Recapturing Beauty". I love that concept and I'm glad to hear they are finally going to teach girls and women that beauty is not your weight or size!!! I learned last night that only 2 % of women think that they are beautiful-SAD HUH??? Anyhow, after she spoke...we left...no pictures...no trying to fight my way to the stage...no talking to her...NOTHING. Can you believe that, I was so ( in a daze) that I couldn't function in my usual manner...What the ??? I guess I was star-struck, hahahaha!!!
Well that's it folks- A most eventful night with my most inspirational blogger, wish I could have acted normal! Maybe I would have captured a picture or two. Oh yeah, by the way the cute girl next to me, she took care of my purse and the camera and nothing was missing. Thanks cute girl!!! If you would like to follow her blog, it is nieniedialogues.com - Enjoy!!! You will love, love love it.

                                     HAVE A MOST 
                             FABULOUS WEEKEND 
                                      BE INSPIRED 
                               THINK BEAUTIFUL!!!

                                                                LOVE, MEG