Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Healthy Eating for 2012.

I am always on the lookout for a "tasty" way to eat healthy. I know...it sounds like an absurd sentence, but...

This is delish & nutrish.

Oatmeal-cooked 2 min. in microwave
1 packet of Truvia
French Vanilla Coffee Mate{fat free is better}.

It makes me feel like I'm eating dessert for breakfast!

Fiber & French Vanilla
Who Knew.
Healthy can be Tasty!

Happy Wednesday to all!!!
X0X0x- MEG

Monday, January 16, 2012

January...You are Cruel.

I write today with a heavy Heart.
My big brother Dennis returned to our Father in Heaven. Jan. 6th, 2012 {tears}

Our First Family Pic. 
He's the oldest- I'm the youngest.

Jan. 2010-My good friend returned Home also.
See my post about her last January-(Remembering).

That is why January is Cruel!!!

I do not like January anyway because:

It is so quick to replace the Merriness of December.

It is usually unbearably cold.

It makes me promise to do things, that I probably won't do, and then I feel guilty later.

It usually makes me have a head cold followed by a cough.

I'm almost always broke as a joke.

Then there is Paperwork and taxes to do
in this dreaded month.

On & On.
That is why i dislike {you} January!

Back to my brother...
He was a generous man and we all got to hear stories from people he had helped.

He was a good father to 6 kids and grand Father to 17 Grand kids.

He loved studying the Scriptures.

He loved Fishing.

He loved Golfing.

But most importantly he loved his Family!

He always had a smile or a joke or a smart remark.

He reminded me of my MOM.{good thing}

He liked to eat.

He liked to share.

He was very handsome-I have pics. in storage.
I will post them soon.

He was a True Big Brother 
in every sense of the word!

I loved him very much...
Wish I could have said Good-Bye.

We must all carry on now,
without him.

He will be missed by everyone who knew him.
So Long Brother!
Until we meet again...

January- You are Cruel.

I only like you a teensy bit
because you brought the birth 
of this little Guy:

Who turned 5 Today- Yay!

I hope to give January a second chance.
Redeem yourself January- it's time.

Sorry for the Sad post.
Sometimes Life Stinks...

So Long Friends-Happier posts ahead.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Well here we are in 2012.

I think I'll finish 2011, if you all don't mind.

Family Pictures- A long time coming-Thanks to all my kiddos for the effort they put into it!

The original 6-pack= True Love

There is nothing more precious to a Momma than a Family Picture hanging on the wall.

However Our Baby Carmindie didn't make it to the photo shoot
so...Well you know-another picture in the future.lol

Christmas Eve-Grandpa-Animal throws-FUN

5 of the 8 Grands on the roller racers- so much fun!

Some kids never outgrow the toys.

Testing the weight limit- good thing she's tiny. ha-ha
Grandpa was busy making cradles and cars. Cute I think, I'll have to get a pictures of the cars...
Love Handmade Toys!!!

Well that's it for 2011.

A year of the Good, the Bad &
The Ugly. 

Mostly Good- I tend to forget the bad & ugly.
Because I am one Blesst Girl!!!

PEACE OUT 2011!!!

Watch out 2012!!!
I am a woman on a Mission!

Phew-I gotta go.{Dust that table in the pic.}
Happy New Year to my Followers!
All {15} of you---Send all your friends my way- PLEASE