Monday, November 22, 2010

So...What are you grateful for???

Sorry, I've been MIA...But I'm back and I'm in action- ha-ha!!!

I've been scouring the Christmas magazines and dreaming of a White Christmas. I get so much inspiration from magazines and also I have seen some amazing things on others blogs...Yes I told you I blog stalk, don't act's something I can do that is entertaining and...FREE. I knew you would see it my way.

I have spent the last couple of days---CRAFTING!!! Crazy I know, but that's what I like to do when it is cold outside. There will be pictures next post, so...stay tuned!!!

Since it is the week of Thanksgiving, I am going to post pics of thanksgiving things and write my gratitude list. Hang on and enjoy!

Oh and guess what I got tonight...A NEW TOILET... yes that's right, FINALLY- I'M EXCITED!!! Don't be jealous, I've earned it, believe me, it's been like forever. Call me spoiled, cuz I am!!!

Just a little somethin', somethin' on my table.

I tried the Pottery Barn
know, wrap the corn around the vase, well
didn't have enough corn, so I just went with
this look. Not as cute, but hey, I'm
just a simple girl. ha

Look who made the photo shoot...
she is my side kick, and she likes
the camera, crazy cat!!!

My washed out Mantle-nothing special.

My Gratitude List:
  • My Cute Eternal Partner
  • My Family
  • My Friends
  • My Home
  • Food
  • Warm Clothes
  • My Job
  • Chocolate chip cookies
  • My cell phone
  • My Baby Apple (computer)
  • Warm fuzzy socks
  • Make-up
  • Flowers (real or fake)
  • Soft towels and rugs
  • Dishwasher
  • Craft magazines
  • New Toilet
All things that I have been Blesst with!!! Because I am ONE Blesst Girl... and for that... I am thankful!!!

Now it's your turn, share your gratitude with Meg!!!


Saturday, November 13, 2010


Happy Anniversary Babee, got you on my miiind!!!
Remember that song, I do and I loved it then, and I love it now. 

Anywhoo, it's that time of year again- Time to reflect...time to appreciate what you have and what you have been through...time to take yourself back to 1987, when our family, all 6 of us were sealed together for time and all eternity!!!

That was a very exciting day for all of us, and the kids still remember that day even though they were little. I loved every minute of it!!! I'm remebering:

The girls in their pretty white frilly dresses.
The boys in their suits, and their bad haircuts(yes I cut their hair).
My poodle hairdo.
Glen's corduroy suit.
My Mom was sick-cancer treatments, yuck!
Glens bathroom dilema, caused by pumpkin pie (TMI, I know).
Staying in Hooker Hotel the night before-thanks to my friend for booking the rooms. lol
But all in all it was an amazing day, especially the buffet afterwards. YUM YUM I always seem to remember the food details.

I love the amazing man that I married, not once , but twice. I think I would marry him again if he asked, ha-ha, now that is way too mushy, I'm sorry!!! 
My grown kids don't like to hear anything mushy about their mommy & daddy-ewww-sick!!!
So with that said: LOOK @ THE (kinda) CUTE PICTURES!!! Thanks Abbie!!!

                   And Many More...
A big thanks to the sweet lady who let us take pictures in her orchard...we also took a few of these cute kids...

She was kinda naughty & wouldn't smile until she ate a blue sucker!
She's learning young!!!

He was pretty good, but wanted to hang like a monkey from the trees...
sorry sweet lady!!!

Hang in there and have a SUPER
Special Weekend!!!
X's & O's, MEG

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Giving Thanks & Crafty Things!!!

Tis the give thanks!!! As I promised I would be giving a crafty thing to my first 3 followers...and my only 3 followers-ha-ha. I am giving thanks to you 3 girls that were willing to open a google account and be my follower. You are awesome and I will be sending you a cute thank you for your loyalty!!! tears...choking up...

You Likey???

So there you go-Dana, Jeri & Andrea...It's all yours!!!

I have also been working on a thankful craft, something that R. & I could participate in together. So here goes instructions... as always EASY Peazy:
  • Bought cookie sheets at Ikea (last year)
  • R. drilled holes on top (4 or so inches from the sides)
  • Cut vinyl with my cutting machine (it's lovely)
  • Apply vinyl on cookie sheet
  • Pull ribbon thru holes and tie
  • Add flower (if you like)
  • Use Dry Erase markers to write what your thankful for:
I thought this would be a great idea, because you can never be too thankful, right? Then you can erase and start over the next week. This does not have to be a November thing, it can be all year long!!! I know, I'm a thinker. Oh, and when this craft gets dull or out of style...peel off vinyl, tear off ribbon, wash and use for a cute cookie sheet-Genius huh???

Well now you know what I have been up to...besides cooking, cleaning, Christmas shopping, going to Sweet tooth Fairy with cute girls and playing with kitty (she is now called JEWELS) even tho R. is not convinced, but who's kitty is it anyway??? Yes, it's mine, therefore I get to name there!!!

Oh, and back to the Sweet Tooth Fairy...I finally got to go there, and I could hardly contain myself- sorry no pictures. I highly recommend you going there if you have a chance, because the peanut butter-chocolate & the marbled chocolate, cupcakes were to die for!!! And yes I ate 2, what did you expect??? I am proud of myself for not eating 3 or 4 or 6!!! That is what you call self control, and besides I never know when I'll be I stock up on things I like and I like CHOCOLATE!!! Sorry NieNie, I didn't get your namesake cupcake, but maybe next time. I didn't share with R. or anyone-I'm sorry-maybe next time. I say "next time" a lot!!!

There it is...tell me what you think- they are for sale:$18 dollars- if you are interested: e-mail me-FB me- or Call me!!! 
It's R.'s turn next week to write what he's thankful for...Yeah!!!

Until next time- Stay Warm and - Be thankful for:
                               Crafty Things!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

It's a GREAT way to end a Week!!!

I had a great time Thursday evening, spending time with such a cute family. Trying to capture the personalities of these darling little girls and their beautiful parents...with a camera lens.

Yes, they are my Son's family, and yes I am totally in love with all of could you not be???

We didn't have much daylight, and sometimes we didn't have any cooperation, but all in all...these little girls did good job trying to smile.

A perfect picture would not be a "real" we did great... getting some "real" pictures!!! They all express the love between each other & that's what matters, right???

So enjoy...

Live life as it comes, because it only happens once.
Enjoy the little ones- because they don't stay little.
Don't look for perfection, because there's no such thing.
Soak in every day as if it were your'e last.
Find beauty in all things...because that's how the Creator would want it.
Success is not in the shape of your house or body, but rather in your spirit.
Remember Love is not spoken, it is shown.

Have a great weekend... 
& enjoy the beauty... 
and take some pictures...

                    I'm loving Fall...This Year!!!
                                                   Love, Meg

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Little Sunshine...& Spice...Yah right!!!

Well, life was getting a little boring in the nest, so... why not get a new kitty to spice things up!!!

What was I thinking??? I wasn't, but when Grandson #2 comes in and says "surprise Grandma- I got you Sunshine" (sunshine is what he named her)Her is a baby kitty- cute huh??? I just couldn't break his heart, so I said Thanks Bubbah. 

Well it's all history now. Kitty is now ours and we are learning that kitties are for YOUNG PEOPLE!!!
We haven't quite settled on a name, sunshine isn't what I think of when I look at her, any suggestions???

She is cute, but I am now covered with scratches, and she always wants to be held, and she cries a lot, and she eats a lot, and she poops a lot and well....the list goes on.

The grandkids are loving her and love to play with her and carry her everywhere, then they leave and she wants us to hold and carry her. Hmmm, sounds like reverse story of grand parenting...

I guess I'm out of practice, since it's been like 18 years since my last kitty experience...and that kitty is still alive!!! Yes, she can hardly walk, but she is still breathing and eating. Sheesh,how many lives does she have left???

So if your'e wondering what I've been up to...think kitty raising!!! Then you will understand why there are bags under the eyes and scratches all over my body...and then you can see all the spice in my life and be jealous!!! ha-ha

Now for the big reveal...Pictures of new kitty!

CUTE ... HUH???

Have a great week and SPICE up your life a little, or not...
X0X0X, Meg

Monday, November 1, 2010

A Spooktacular Evening!!!

So Halloween started early this year, beginning with the City Celebration...pumpkin carving,costume contest,stew,rolls,pie,cookies= YUMMY!!!

Spiderman found his horse friend amongst the many, many kids!!!

This ninja frightened I was on my best behavior.

I saw this cute little ice cream cone, and had to take her unknown

Forced picture, they were having too much fun running around!!!

This little lion got a lot of attention and she was very courageous...the witches didn't even scare her!

Yes, even cute witches pick their noses!!!

There she is again, hanging out with her friend!

This witch won the costume contest in her category!!!

This is Sponge Bob Princess...and she takes this very serious. Don't mess with her sponge bob!!!

The prettiest fairy in all the land!!!

Ariel, the Mermaid minus the red hair...she smiled even tho she was not in the mood!!!

Taking a breather from all the suckers...I think she consumed...well let's just say alot!!!

Scooter and Daddy!!! Can you guess what he is??? Let's get a closer look!!!

There you go...Captan Jack!!! He posed for many pictures, just like a movie star...any scouts out there for dogs???

The cute little witch...she loved the suckers too. Those suckers made our night more pleasant, so we'll worry about the cavities later! right Dr. Todd???

More forced pictures. All the girls chilling and waiting to go trick or treating...crazy weather!!!

This is the whole crew minus daughter #1's family, they were out of town celebrating Dr. Todd's 40th...yes!!! Maybe they were checking out OLD FOLKS HOMES!!! HA_HA

This is the famous Taco Soup- the real reason my kids come over on Halloween!!! But whatever works, I'm game!!! I started this tradition many years ago, when my kids were still at home & the tradition lives here's to many more taco soup Halloween's!!! Somehow the cute gingerbread spider got in on the photo shoot...Thanks Abbie!!!

Here's the little devils...I mean the Newlyweds!!! The photographer did not get pics of the other adults...sorry, we need a new photographer...any recommendations???

Everyone brought goodie bags or buckets, but photographer didn't get a picture of all of them before they were gone, sorry...but this is what was left. Thanks Great Grandma,Andrea,Abbie,Cic,and Grandma Meg!!! You all were so generous!!!

And last but not least...The Deviled Eggs aka Bloody eyeballs!!!
Thanks Cic!!!
                                 OH, WHAT A NIGHT !!!

The kids finally made it out to trick or treat, in between storms. They were so excited to have sooo much candy!!! I also made my grandma's famous butterscotch cake, but it was eaten way too fast, so there is no picture to show!!! Yum-Yum!!!

We also watched How to train your dragon, and tried to watch Hocus Pocus, But because it's not one was we, I mean the boys- watched football!!!

              Thanks to all who made our Halloween a very..............                               SPOOKTACULAR EVENING !!!

                   Hope you all had a great Halloween also...
                         Love, Meg

Disclaimer: My post looks good on my computer, then I Preview before I publish and it is all messed up!!! My computer is possessed...maybe it's the operator-what do you think??? Anyways, keep on reading my blog and become a follower and remember: COMMENT!!! PRIZES...coming soon for my first 3 followers!!! Love you guys...really!!!