Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Working Girl...

I haven't talked too much about my work,{on this blog} so I thought that would be a good subject to start the week with...

I am the Director of 2 Museums in Castle Dale. 
The Museum of the San Rafael &
The Pioneer History Museum.
The Director involves the work of 6 people- and the knowledge of 10 people...but they only want me to work part-time-funny huh?
I have been working on research lately and that is {zero} fun. Traveling to training is just plain cruddy...and I'm not loving the public relations lately...but
I'm thankful I am employed!!!

There are lots of perks to this job and one of them is:
My own office in the rear of Museum...which means I get to decorate another space- and NO, my employers do not pay for it!


The Door- bet you wouldn't have guessed that.

The clock above my computer!!!
Love it!!!

Top of my Desk- Love the little orange bird-He makes me happy!!!

This is just 1 side of my U-shaped desk. This is as clean as it gets, because I am one hard-working girl. ha-ha

Well there you have it, now you have seen a bit of my other nest.
I hope that you were enlightened by my Career- lol.

I was reading a blog the other night, and the lady was not very happy with her job, so she quit. She then pursued a job that she thought would be ideal for her, but she soon found out that it was not so good after all, so she quit that job. 
She quickly called her old employer and asked for her old job back, and of course they said "no", she became very depressed and realized she had made a huge mistake...but she kept bugging them. They ended up hiring her back...but for half of the pay she was making before- and half of the hours- yeah...

I'm thinking- I'll make myself happy with my job...and I'll pretend it's my ideal job...and I'll be the best that I can be, 

Even if I have no benefits
Even if I have to use my brain a lot
Even if I have to travel
Even if I have to do the work of 6 people
Even if I have to pretend to like some people
Yes, I'll do it, because I am blesst to have a job...and that's the end of that!

Hope you all have a great week...
and enjoy your job, 
whether at home, or away!!!
Be the best that you can be...
Do you like my little orange Bird??? 


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Forgotten Mantle...

I forgot to post my Easter Mantle, so here she is:{blurry & all}

Not my favorite, it's just a bunch of stuff...

The 3 potted trees are from Target dollar spot, they were cute, but I had plans to doll them up, plans were cancelled, so they are just like I bought them.booooo

The Bunny is a fav. of mine from many years ago- he's just a stud bunny- don't you think???

The Spring block was a find a few years back & I still love it!!!

The grass was in a pukey clay pot, so I just painted it white & added a #2-easy.

2- glass vases filled with cool eggs & that is all I got-sorry, it's not that cool.
But this Egg is Cool:

I bought this cool trim to sew on a pillow, but it was too dang hard to sew it on...so I just glued it on, & now I have a cute egg. I just love it- so I took {it's} picture with everything, I'm crazy like that.

The wreath on the counter has been sitting there for a few weeks... waiting... for more inspiration, and time- it just needs a nest, and a bird...but it's so windy around here that I can't hang it on my door anyhow! weird weather- go away!
So- hope that was entertaining...lol
I will now end with a cute pic. of my IZZZZ,
Grandpa made her a chili- dog, she took one bite and said; "Delicious"
then she knocked out...Hilarious...

This girl has "Sass" and so we {love} when she falls asleep...ha-ha
She looks so angelic when she's asleep...
{Oh, how I love this Girl}.
Have a great Wednesday, and eat a chili-dog, and then go decorate an egg...

Friday, April 15, 2011

Look who's Art is on the Fridge Now......

I finished my first real art class, and I think I'm gonna like playing around with paint!!!
I was a little intimidated at first, but then I let go and I took a long, deep breath, and just relaxed...and this is the results:

They look a little washed out-{Bad photographer}. The landscape is not finished yet, but I'm proud to say that I finished my first real art class...yeah MEG!!!
I was so impressed with my teacher, she is such a great person- who was very humble about her work {unlike me}.
Check out her website, she is an amazing artist, and I feel privileged to be able to have participated in her class.
Thanks Sandy!!!
I really needed that time to learn- and to be inspired by all who were in my class- they are all classy ladies!!!
I feel a little more relaxed now...and I love looking at my art on the fridge...
First time for me- making the fridge cuts. 
{Wonder if the hubs will notice}
probably not...
Enjoy your weekend...
and take the time to play with paint!!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

What's Up DUCK???

I've been up to a whole lot, this last week...and I just thought you should see some of  it:

Monday Project- "Mod Podge eggs"
I ripped strips of dictionary pages, and then mod podged them on my paper mache eggs.
Simple but Cute...Then I had to fancy some up with my silhouette machine.

Then you put them in a cute basket and add a cute little nest- easy peasy!

Add a bucket of pretty {fake} Tulips and you have this:

Tuesday was filled with work, board meeting,and YW Camp Meetings...
Wednesday, I stepped out of my box and took a watercolor 101 paint class. I know, what am I thinking...overwhelmed and now I'm squeezing in a paint class, I'm just plain nuts...but I had fun and I learned some things and best of all I got to spend 3 hours with my daughter, yes she is crazy too, busy crazy. Here is what I did:

I learned how to mix paints-I'm thinking of framing this!!!lol
Thursday was work, painting class, and then in the evening...A little bit of fun at this house:

Everything in my friend's house is just lovely.
I can just sit there and look around for hours, seriously she should have her house featured in a magazine. She had grass growing in water in those little glass vases...so adorable.
We met with others and discussed our "WORD" for the year, it was a good time, and we all had such good words...it was so {inspiring}, and so much {energy} in the room, and we were all {content}. Those words were just a few of the {words} that my lovely friends have chosen, and I see some great things happening this year- lots of growing!!! Looking forward to the next WORD GROUP...
On Friday, I went to work, then I went to get some lovely lashes- yes, that is what old people do when they begin to loose their lashes: I did not like the hour and a half sitting still, but the outcome was COOL.

Love the lashes- but I hate the weird way I smile...
Friday night I was at the theatre, watching "HOP" 
The rest of the weekend was pretty much spent wearing these:

The most comfy slippers I've ever owned, and they were gifted to me by my cute son, he even bought all his sisters a pair too. He's fun like that!!!
Saturday Night we had dinner with "R"s Mom and siblings- It was fun catching up and enjoying good food...Family makes everything better!!!

So there you have it... a lot of busyiness.
I can't believe I accomplished all that and more- because I felt like crap all week...
I hate to complain- but my body hurt from head to toe. 
I like to blame the weather, because it was miserable most of the week. 
The weather makes fibromyalgia run a muck!!!
I don't like to bring the "Fibro" word into my conversations, but it is... what it is. 
I really despise this disease, because I feel like a failure when I feel achy and tired, but I'm glad the week is over and the aches are subsiding- 
WAA-WAA... Thanks for Listening.

Too much fun for one week...I think I'll take a break ha-ha- not gonna happen. 

Have a Great Week and 
Enjoy all the little things, and 
all the green things...
hopefully wherever you are- 
there are green things popping up!!!
As for me... I'm gonna rest- and read and -gear up for the new week ahead. Yeah
WOW--That was a long post- hope you aren't exhausted...

Monday, April 4, 2011

Nesting and STUFF...

The weekend was so great...I'm pretty sure I'm on a spiritual high...and "Grands" high...and food high. {Feels so GREAT}
Today however- I had to get back to reality, and back to my list. Ugh...sigh
This was what I did today:
CLEANED OUT THE "DRAWER" Dreadful Drawer...

This is the after- I forgot to take a before.Yah I know I pretty much always forget the before!!!
Anyway, this is my pen and pencil obsession drawer, and yes I have an addiction- but I'm willing to admit it, and if it makes you feel any better...I buy them all on the back to school sale-and I share them with everyone!!! So now you pretty much know {all my faults}. lol
Because I was a little dizzy and had a {huge} headache...I did a little relaxing on the big bed-aaahhh

Looking at the New PB Catalog, and dreaming...
and then tonight, "R" and I tackled an assignment that he so generously volunteered us for: x's two!

Doesn't look like much work... but it took us all "flippin" night!!!
I will blame that on the Silhouette machine, and the operator, and the hired help...
enough said- it's done- and now I will try to conquer the 100 { 1 inch} temples for Girl's camp. P.S. I am not complaining...
but now- you know what I've been up to...
Oh Yeah- and I made cookies too...
Double Chocolate Chip- of course!
So writing all that stuff has made me very tired, and now you know why the title is "nesting and stuff"...because my life has a lot of stuff!
Tomorrow I may, or may not be rubbing shoulders with T.V. people...Yeah-I'll tell more later, and maybe post some pics.
Come back for more, and don't forget to comment and be a f*o*l*l*o*w*e*r. I need a stat boost, don't make me beg...I {HEART} all of you- readers!!!