Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Necessary Read...

I have not had a post on I think it is time.
I will start with one---
that is Necessary to read if:
  • Want to communicate better.
  • Wish to be a better listener.
  • Want to have stronger relationships.
Yes- This is the Book for You!!!

Great Title, Don't you think???
I acquired this book from a friend, who has had this prize book in her home for years...but she just cracked it open a few months ago.
She {ranted and raved}, and said I must read that is what I am attempting to do.
I am not done, but I have learned so much, and I feel like I need to read and re-read, just so I can get it right.
I wish I had come across this book- like 30 something years ago...
I wish I had this info. when my kids were little...
Life would have been so different, and so much better...
because us 70' kids were never taught to communicate, in fact we were mostly hushed and not validated at all.
So all you people out there...
I am calling this a necessary Read!!!
I think we could all learn from it, and we could have happier lives, and those around us could have happier lives!!!
In fact this is a keeper, so go buy you a copy...
It can save relationships, and I could go on forever, but I'll save you the preaching. lol
{Ranting & Raving}
I think my kids will be receiving their own book, because I want them to succeed- and because "I Heart Them".
I'm trying to convince "R" that he should read it too...{not happening}
But seriously; If you're going to read a book- read this one!!!
It's not my fav. read like- This one:
Post: My Favorite Read-2-20-11
but it is most definitely a close "2nd".
So my friends- READ ON!!!
Let me know what you think about this book...
and ENJOY LIFE and remember:
Success does not come from Perfection;
It comes from consistently
moving in the right direction{!}

Sunday, March 27, 2011


GNO= Girl's Night out- but...
when Mommy gets Girl's Night Out...
Grandma gets {Gram's Night Out}
And we had a lot of creative Fun!!!

Scissors...Markers...Glue...and lots of Paper = Fun

FUN = Happy Kids!!!
While these 2 were creating...
Lil' Sis was doing this:


But the End Results were quite pleasing, don't you think???
I'm loving G*N*O
Oh yeah- and the jelly beans and M&M's really helped...
I'm looking forward to G*N*O with the 5 other Grands Too!!!
So everyone...Enjoy...relax and have a G*N*O real soon...
It does the heart good!!!

Have a wonderful week...
I'm a going to be crafting...
and Cleaning...
What are your plans???
Do Tell---

Monday, March 21, 2011

SPRING is in the AIR!!!

In the house air- that is!!! 
The outside air has no sign of spring- so I decided to bring spring out of the box and make my home {SPRINGY}.
I do not appreciate Mother Nature being so sloooow, to bring on the spring weather... but when you live in Utah, you just have to roll with whatever we get.
So Mother Nature- TAKE THIS!!!

There is more to come- I'm just getting started...
I am already feeling renewed and...SPRINGY.
These daffodils from the Cancer Society...
make me happy-what do you think???

I have more bunches, ready to go ...just call me and 
I'll hook you up...after all it helps Cancer research...and it helps you feel {SPRINGY} and that is a good thing!!!
Everyone have a great week and bring some Spring inside...
or call me and I'll bring you some SPRING!!!
And we'll {all} stick it to -Mother Nature-YAH!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

HaPpy PacKaGe!!!

Some packages that come in the mail...
Make you smile...
Make you Happy...
Make you want to make somethin'...
Make you glad that you happened upon this
Yes, it's that good! See for yourself:

If you love supplies like I do...well then you are in love, right???
There is:
Bottle caps
Baker's twine
Library Card pockets
Antique label Holders
Clock Face Icons
Vintage Dictionary Pages
Kraft Paper Labels
Yeah...I think I'll be making some cute things-
like cards, garlands, Frames, etc.
I hope I have a couple of days to just play...
no interruptions {I'm dreaming} but I can always stay up to the wee hours...ha
I have been trying real hard to go to bed earlier than midnight, but I might have to break the rules for this cute stuff. I've been struggling lately with energy and stuff, so I'm trying to be a good girl...but sometimes I feel like this:

Life is just -TOO HARD- Somedays!!!lol
Here's to ENERGY!!!!
Send some my way...PLEASE!!!
LOvE YoUr dAyS- HaRd or NoT...

Monday, March 7, 2011

Gone Green---

Since Easter is in April, I decided to drag the ol'lephrachan and green accessories out...for the remainder of March!!! 
Besides, who wants bunnies and eggs out, when there is a winter storm blowing in- I just needed an excuse to put this guy out...

Years ago- I belonged to a club, and a lady would bring us these kits to make cute dolls, like this guy...she did most of the work, and we just hot glued and did a little hand sewing. It was fun-and it was totally easy- what more could you ask for...
We made a witch, a Frankenstein, a scarecrow,and the cute leprechaun, and then she probably quit- because we wore her out, but it was fun while it lasted!!! I don't remember her name- and she came from out of town- so that is why I call her SHE.
I took a lazy day today- stayed home- goofed around-and put up the GREEN!!! I was supposed to be at training, but weather got in the way, so I couldn't go-Boo!!!
More GREEN- & more bad lighting-and bad photos-SORRY

Cute Pillow was made by a Friend- Love it!!!
I have had all these little St. Patty's Day decorations for a very long time, but I still love them- it must be the Irish in me- and it reminds me of my Brother {Pat} born on St. Patty's Day- ha!!!

In the next few days- I hope to make a cute little garland to hang on my cute little Memo Board- so I will post ASAP- in between camp meetings,work meetings,cleaning,decorating a non-profit place,and helping a friend...whose hubby had to have emergency Heart surgery, Prayers for the Perkins- PLEASE.
So until next Post- stay warm & GO GREEN- It's fun-really...
Lucky Wishes coming your way!!!
Love, MEG