Sunday, January 30, 2011


"R" and I have been smitten...Smitten with the Sickies. Since Thursday, our days have been filled with sniffles, coughs, headaches, body aches, & FEVERSSSS.
Friday, I decided to visit a doctor, I knew this crap was not gonna go itself. After a long ride to the Doc. and a SHOT in the butt, and another long ride home...I Thought I was gunna DIE!!!
Long story short...another shot...cough syrup...tylenol...lots of sleep= feeling a tadd better. "R" just had body aches, so he was the one who did all the making my magic drink...

Ice, POM Juice.Diet Sierra Mist, Straw=YUM
This drink makes you feel fuzzy inside-and the fizzy makes your throat feel better- and the Pom juice is Healthy, so it's a win-win, in our house!!! BUT---"R" doesn't do so well in the meal dept., unless you like ramen noodles 3 times a day. He's really good at that!!! Anywhoo- today I just had to have some MEAT and some comfort food, so I say to myself: What would my mom make if she were here??? That's right, she would make something yummy- like:

Hot Hamburger on Mashed Potatoes...swimming in GRAVY!!!
That was the ticket, and I had a little energy to pull it off, so...Belly full of MEAT- Mission Accomplished!!! Boo to Ramen Noodles!!! Oh, and lets not forget the healthy part:

Green Beans in a GREEN Bowl-nothing Better!!!
Oh, and about the bowl, it's cute right, well there are many others that go with it...
THANKS to my most generous friend!!!

This cute set of bowls was a surprise Christmas gift I said
a GENEROUS friend...We decided not to exchange gifts last year, because her husband had been laid off, and Yeah that was just dreadful, especially at Christmas time!!! 
So I was a little surprised when I saw her packing these beauties...we had actually spotted them at the nearby Alco store, earlier in the year, and we both loved them, but we decided to wait to buy them, for obvious reasons. When she handed them to me, I wanted to cry...I didn't want to accept them, because we made a deal, but she insisted and I adore them and I feel very thankful, but really I felt bad about the circumstance, and so today was the first day I have used them, and I am trying not to feel guilty about accepting them, so from now on...I will enjoy every single little bowl, and I will use them everyday, and i won't feel guilty, just blesst...blesst to have such a loving friend!!!

So as I look at these bowls, I am reminded about this:



Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Just a little ditty...

Ditty: Don't know the definition, but I think it is a project done in less than an hour. Let me know- if I'm wrong...ha-ha.

This cute little box was given to me during the holidays...but it was covered in christmas design and it was filled with the most amazing goodies {HOMEMADE} by my neighbor friend- Sherie.

After Christmas, I was putting everything away, and de-junking old Christmas STUFF...and I came across the christmasy box...My first instinct was to throw away, because I had no room to store it. 

Then came the "lightbulb" moment, RE-PURPOSE!!! Yea, I could use that cute box to cure another problem- going around the nest...TABLE CLUTTER- does anyone have that problem???

So... out came the scrapbook paper, and the MOD PODGE!!!I traced, and cut, and Mod Podged... and well now that cute little box is a cute little DITTY...and the Ditty- now sits on my table and catches all the mail and other CRAP that clutters up my table!!!

GENIUS- I know...I love the new look, and I love that I re-purposed, instead of throwing away,a perfectly good box!!! I also saved $$$- so triple good- right???
Oh, Yeah, and my table looks stunning- all clean and all, and when someone comes over, I can just scoop up all the crap on my table-shove it in the new ditty & leave the little ditty out, cuz it is so pretty.

Although I do look at it from time to time- and wish it was still full of {homemade} goodies!!! 

If...Sherie is reading this...You could bring over more goodies just to see how they look in the new re-purposed box- good idea, I think!!!

Anyway, I'm on a roll now...more re-purposing, because it makes me feel warm know, like saving the earth, kind of warm.

So, stay tuned, become a FOLLOWER...and COMMENT...{PLEASE}...cuz me likey the COMMENTS!!!

It's starting to look like "LOVE" around the nest...Pics are coming SOON. PROMISE!!!

Until Next POST:


Friday, January 21, 2011


                                      On this day...Last Year...I lost a very good friend (sigh).
I am very nervous to write this post, and I hope that I can write what my heart feels at this moment... I am writing this in honor of her life...and as a tribute to all that loved her. I am writing this as I REMEMBER, so I hope that all comes out right.
I know that every day is precious, and that we do not know when this day might come...the day that you find out that a cherished friend has suddenly left.
That is what happened, she left us before we could say goodbye-
She left before I could tell her that I admired her-
She left before I could hear her incredible laugh, one last time-
She left before we could join our friends for one last dinner-and
She left before Her and her husband could leave for Russia, for their mission,
 She left before I could hug her and tell her I loved her,
She left before I could hand her a letter- the letter I was going to write and give her before she left on her mission,
So this post will have to do. {tears}

We all knew we would be without her for 18 months, so she could serve in as we met at Pizza Hut for one last dinner with friends, I sat by her and soaked in every funny thing that she said, and I especially enjoyed her eye rolling, and all the funny stories about Kent (her Hubby). We exchanged cute stories about the Grand Kids-We played catch-up on what our grown kids were up to-and I so admired how she spoke so respectful of all her kids spouses. In fact I decided-then & there- that is how I would speak of my in-laws also. I totally enjoyed that evening, knowing that it would be the last time until they returned from their mission. Little did I know...

As I Remember...I think...What a Blessing she was to everyone who had the opportunity to know her!!!
The first time I met her, I thought she was a little snooty...then I had a chance to spend more time with her and realized...just the opposite...she was crazy...then after more time, I thought...I'm crazy...then I thought-wow-I really like her!!! I soon became accustomed to her, and her hilarious personality...WHAT A GEM!!! She was a keeper and I am thankful for the gift of her friendship, because she taught me:

  • To love unconditional
  • To cherish small things
  • To strengthen my testimony
  • To have fun, no matter what or where
  • To enjoy the Grand kids (no rules involved)
  • To be yourself
  • To accept trials
  • To acknowledge Blessings
  • To serve
  • To be a great Visiting Teacher
  • To be a great Librarian
  • To make good salsa Ha-Ha
  • To laugh, when you feel like crying(dressing room)
  • To walk downtown-in any weather-with headphones!
  • To take on challenges (like learning the russian language)
And she even taught me to text, yea, that's right, she was even tech savvy. I could go on forever about her, and the things she taught me, but for now I will keep them in my HEART.
    I will leave this post with a huge sigh and a heavy heart, because when you find a special friend like "SUSAN" You never want to say goodbye...instead I will say...See You In The Forever!!! Because she is my "FOREVER FRIEND" and forever friends don't say goodbye...they just shed tears and look forward to the day when they will laugh together again!!!

    So...If you have a friend like Susan...don't forget to tell her what she means to you...because it's easier to do in person!!! Oh yeah, I forgot to tell her that she had the prettiest eyes-EVER!!! 


    Thursday, January 20, 2011

    Good Advice with a serving of Chocolate...

    So...I'm at work the other day, and I really need some chocolate {nothing new-right?} Well I don't bring chocolate to work, for obvious reasons.ha 
    I searched high and low, and guess what? yeah, I found 2 Dove squares in my tote bag, I'm pretty sure they have been there for awhile... So I open and I ENJOY- mmmmm, then I read the wrapper and laugh, do they know I'm a worrier!!!
    Then of course I tear into the other square, mmmmmmmm and read the wrapper and guess what? It said the very same thing...really, is there someone trying to convey a message to me...
    So, I'm just sitting on the couch, just chillin', and not worrying a bit- that's right-Be Happy-Don't Worry!!! Ha- Ha

    So don't worry friends, I'm not worrying!!! Such a good Feeling!!!

    The dishes are piled high, the carpet is furry, the bathroom is well, I'll spare you the details,and my's just like someone threw up clothes everywhere, and the TV room is messssyyy.
    But who cares- I'm not worried!!!
    I'm just blog stalking and looking at everyone else's much fun, this- not worrying thing.
    Maybe you should all try it, it feels your first kiss(can't believe I said that) 
    My first "kiss" was disgusting...sorry Clint, but I'm sure you thought the same- right? 
    Any-hoo I'm good, no really don't worry about me, I'm really fine, and I suggest you all eat a little {dove chocolate} and read your little wrapper, and take the advice, it's the twenty-eleven thing to do!!!


    Tuesday, January 18, 2011

    A Weekend Full of CUTE!!!

    I hope... that as you look at these pics... You don't O.D. on CUTENESS, cuz it's a whole lot of one little post!!!

    The Birthday Boy!!!
    Fav. & Only Boy Cousin!!!
    Making Name Necklaces...
    More Cuteness!!!
    Sisters...admiring their creations
    What's a Party without a Pinata...and improvising.
     Lil' Sis helps unwrap...

     Who needs friends-when you have- all these cousins.

    We now have a new photographer in the family!
     Taking pictures of Grandpa...Cleaning-now that's a Picture.
    Hugs for Mom
    Her hard work was appreciated!!!
    She fed us Chicken, cheessy, black beany, kind of soup...

    What more can I say...I'm overwhelmed with CUTE...and Love...and Gratefulness... for what makes MY world go around!!!
    Have a FAB week and...

    Fear Less.
    Hope More.

    Eat Less.
    Chew More.

    Whine Less.
    Breathe More.

    Talk Less.
    Say More.

    Love More
    And all good things will be yours.
    Swedish Proverb

    Wednesday, January 12, 2011

    Baby...It's cold out there!!!

    Yes, I'm talking about the weather again...but that's whats bugging me right now-why? I can't start my new year's resolution in this kind of weather, yeah, I know it's CCCRRRAAAZZZEEE!!!

    Someone- so thoughtfully loaded an app. on my I Touch, guess which one???
     "FROM COUCH TO 5K"---ha-ha... that was funny Chris, do you think I am out of shape, or what???
    So I've almost psyched myself into it, but the temp. must be at least 30 degrees- right???

    Santa thought I needed all this stuff...hmm...I thinks it's a conspiracy!!! Did I mention that I hate to exercise!!! Did I mention that I hate the COLD???

    Did I mention that we are celebrating this weekend??? Well, we are- and's gonna be fun to celebrate a birthday for this cute little dude...

    He now sports his new glasses...a pillow pet, a couple of ouwies, and the cool snowman hat. He's one special Grandson!!!
    We Love Him SO MUCH!!!

    Before signing off: I must apologize for the last post---I got several calls, wondering if I was all right...Yes, I am, I guess I just had to vent...I'm sorry if I made anyone think that I was suffering-because I did not mean for that to be the message.
    I love my life, and I am grateful for everything that I have, especially my family and friends!!! I have been {blesst}Hence my blog's name- and I hope that my posts will be a help for all who can relate...not a downer. So read on- My little blog friends-You are all my inspiration!!!

    I MEAN {MEG}

    Friday, January 7, 2011

    One Week In...

    HAPPY...NEW...YEAR...WELCOME 2011!!!

    How could it be??? 7 days in... and I have not posted...Let me explain: (Excuses)

    Blogger problems- Serious- I have no idea why, but it is happening...error codes...can't post...can't far today... it's working- Ya-Ya-Ya!

    Baby, It's cold outside!!! Brrr, and extra Brrr- what does this have to do with blogging you ask? Well-when I'm cold- I do a lot of sitting in front of the space heater-conserving energy for the real important things like: Walking, Talking, Eating, and working. {20} degrees as a high-is not high enough... for this body!

    Trying to put my house back in order, well that's an ADD thing...because- I am also trying to go through my holiday storage and de-junk as well as pack up the good stuff in an organized fashion. So that = LOTS OF TIME IN THE COLD BASEMENT and that does not go well, when you have borderline ADD, or maybe I have crossed the border- who knows???

    Dealing with: well,let's just say "stuff". You know the stuff that involves wicked step mothers, and stuff that makes you sad, and stuff that is frustrating, and you can't do anything about it, because that's not your job, but you think it is, and you want to help everyone, but you forgot to get a degree: in psychology, or idiotocrasy, that is a word, right? Well anyway, 2011 has brought some stuff, and I'm trying to deal- okay...sorry, but I am still on the EXCUSE jag, so bear with me, You guys are great listeners {THANKS}.

    So enough of the excuses, let's get on to the fun New Year's Eve, sorry , no PICTURES- what the??? 
    It was too cold to go get my camera out of the car, so I had to improvise with my {New} phone- but new phone didn't have a SD card, so...can't share pics with you so now we are down to details-Boring, I know... but her it goes:

    Place: Son's house in P.G.-COOL
    Time: Anytime is Good, just arrive alive.
    Menu: New York Steaks ( 2" thick)
          King Crab Legs (steamed)
          Gourmet Salad (with apples)
          Shrimp platter
          Bean Dip
          Flan and of course cookies and ice cream!!!Yeaaah...

    It was all prepared my my son, and he did an amazing job!!!
    The best part was I just had to show food assignment, no cleaning, no nothing, just show up and enjoy- DOUBLE YEAAAH!!!

    Thanks Chris and Cic. for an absolutely enjoyable night!!! You are both-a great host and hostess. The rest of the night was fun too...
    Then-the next day was just...relaxing, shopping the Dillard's Sale...Ha-ha, it was not fun---fighting women over purses... and shoes... and everything...{those crazy Utah Valley Women}...they kill for a good deal-geez, get a life---ALREADY.JK 

    So here I am: {a week in} and already the fun has begun, hey that rhymed...
    I do have faith, that {Twenty-Eleven} is going to be good, I'm just getting off to a rough start.

    Back to the fun things: You asked and I provide- ha-ha!!!

    I got this idea from a cool blog - Vinyl cut on my Silhouette Machine- Plate from Wal-Mart- dry erase pen- and there you have a darling little memo board-for a darling little friend. I likey, do you???  VINYL AVAILABLE from MEG.

    This bench was a Table...until monday...I found this fabric at Wal-mart- and decided to pad- and - staple- now it's a BENCH! We now have more seating for my {Little Room}. Come on over and try it out...COMFY... and Last but not Least---My FAV.

    A Sweet Surprise from R.
    I was truly surprised...really!!!

    So I Guess, I had been good in 2010- I was really sweating it, cuz it's hard to be good- Sometimes...

    Here's to a New Year, with a clean slate, and Hope that we will have a chance to make this our BEST Year EVER, and enjoy one another, and be a Friend to ALL!!!
    Thanks to all of you for the time you take to be my BLOG FRIEND---Love MEG