Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Thank you's and smoothies...

                            This is what I've been up to...

If you know me very well, you know that I cannot do anything SIMPLE!!! Sheesh, is there a name for that disease???  Well, anyhow, back to my thank you cards- here is the process- I know you are dying to know, ha-ha ( take notes it is complicated).
Sketched sunflower on kraft cardstock with the help of my Silhouette Machine. It is cool what you can do with that machine, anyhow...
Stamped the Big thanks on cards
Colored the sunflower with watercolor pencils, that was the time consuming part.
Brushed over the colors with wet brush, hence the watercolor effect---aah!
And there you have it, pretty cards for pretty people who shared my 50th celebration with me.
But that's not all... I then hand wrote every message on every card... then I hand delivered some and now I am trying to find envelopes to fit custom cards, so I can mail the rest...it never ends, does it...CRAZY DISEASE!!!

See this pretty fruit, well it came from my garden...except the blueberries...they are from Costco. Wouldn't they make a yummy smoothie??? THEY SURE DID, I can testify to that...but no proof, because I drank it before I took a pix. Oh well, I'm only human- I think (scratching head). Any-hoo,

               Have a great DAY...and think SIMPLE!!!
                                          UNLESS YOU HAVE MY DISEASE...

Friday, September 24, 2010

It's The Weekend, therefore...


  • The beauty of the fall colors.
  • Family
  • Yummy food
  • Sleepovers (with granddaughter #1 and Grandson #1)
  • Movies that make you cry (Marley & Me)
  • Painting playroom with Daughter#2
  • Women's Conference with daughters
  • Sunflowers- Because they remind me to always follow HIS SON!!!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Melted Artichoke and a Mini Meltdown...

                                                               COOKING THIS !!!

Yes, this is what you cook: when you are an empty nester...and when "R" (aka-hubby) is at work!!! In case you were wondering what the heck this mess is, it is gourmet grilled tuna with cheese & fresh veggies from the garden. mmm-mmm!!! Hey, I'm just a simple girl- well, only when it is my time to cook. Ha-ha!!! I was really bummed that I melted my fav. candle in the process, which leads me to the next subject of the day...mini meltdown...well...
It all started when I woke up, yes right from the get go. When I do meltdowns, I waste no time-so hang on and just hang in there for me, OK. I woke up stressed and tired, so of course I decided to hurry and jump in the shower before I was tempted to get back in bed for like 2 days. Well to make a long story short, and to save you all the grief...I stressed, complained, cried, complained again, cried, took a nap, and stressed again. After 4 or 5 hours of this, I combed my hair again, re-applied my make-up and went to a very nice picnic for all the primary workers. Feeling much better, I quick- cleaned my house and put on my happy face because we were having cake and ice cream for baby daughter in my backyard. Well all turned out well, because daughter # 1 made the most scrumptious chocolate cake (sorry no pix) and cute grandkids made me laugh and smile. So moral of the story is...when having mini-meltdowns, just hang on, and let all out to: people who love, and support you-go somewhere happy- and clean your house- and eat chocolate and next thing you know- You are back to happy self- phew-what a day!!! Hopefully there will be NO MORE melt-downs in this house anytime soon, because "R" might just fly the nest, if you know what I mean. So here's to happy days ahead and call me if this might be happening to you-cuz I think I'm well qualified to counsel you on The mini-meltdowns. RIGHT??? ...love, Meg

Monday, September 20, 2010

24 Years and lots of stuff!!!

Well today I will pay tribute to my baby girl...who is turning 24!!! Yikes  where did all the time go??? I just want to say that this girl has taught me more about life than pretty much anyone or anything. I will always remember the day she was born...5:30 AM, only 12 hours after my best friend had her little boy.
Boy was I mad, not because she beat me, but she beat me and friends son was not due until October!!!
Yeah, not fair... made me so mad I went into labor. ha-ha TRUE STORY!!!

She was a very cute baby and had enough hair to actually comb. She was always giggling and saying very funny things. She has always loved cats and she still does, I think she has more than 3. I love her laugh, her smile, her humor, her talking backwards trick, and her thoughtfulness. I think she has taught me more in my lifetime than anybody or anything! She has taught me patience while she was a teenager and she taught me about enduring through trials...she has brought much joy to our lives!!! So today I wish her a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY and a happy and blessed life! Thanks for your love and all the other stuff, Baby girl...enjoy your 20's!!!
LOve, your mommy

Friday, September 17, 2010

Family, Friends, Food and FIFTY...WHAT

This is me when it all began!!! I know, chumpy wasn't I? That was 50 years ago and I can't believe I am actually that old, so... what would a party girl like me do, yes that's right. WE PARTIED!!!
I planned some of my party and the fam. carried it out, it was crazy and fun. Crazy because I had a hard time celebrating that number, but fun because everything that includes family, friends and food is always fun.
The location was at my friends yard... it is spectacular! All the retro that you can take in and the beauty of the yard was amazing!!! Her house and yard really should be in Country Living magazine-not kidding. The food was delish and the guests were awesome. I guess I can handle 50 if everyone is there right along with me, is everyone on board?
I have to post pics just so you can get a taste of the goodness, ENJOY!!!

                                     THANKS EVERYONE FOR A WONDERFUL DAY

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Welcome To My Nest

Thanks for stopping in, take off your shoes and stay awhile!  I'm new to this world of blogging(unless you count blog stalking) but who cares about that anyhow. Please stalk this blog all you want, I don't mind -really, stalk away!!! (unless you are one of those creepy kind).

My master plan or ambitions for this blog are:

  • Entertaining you with pics and stories of my not so ordinary life.
  • Yummy recipes that I've eaten, not necessarily cooked.
  • A craft project here and there.
  • An encouraging word or words or sayings only to the positive.
  • Opinions only from the world of Meg-Don't judge me for them. haha
  • What to do and not to do in certain situations-personal of course.
  • Maybe a little fashion sense or cents (whatever works for you).
So hang in this blog for awhile, because I am very amateurish. I would love your comments-hopefully they will be nice, but I can handle ugly ones too... I grew up with 3 brothers.
So until next post---See ya, Meg