Friday, December 23, 2011

Still Decking the Halls...

What's Christmas without a Gingerbread House?

That ginger bread house making is a lot of work, and it makes a little boy very hungry and a Grandpa very tired. lol
Tannon was so excited, he has been waiting for weeks to build this house- he called
 his Mom to make some gingerbread men for the house. Get right on that Mom...

I stayed home all day to do some final crafts, it was so relaxing in my PJ's.
I could really get used to a life of PJ's and crafting. Ha-ha

Found these cute letters at Wal-mart, so I had to Mod-podge some cute paper on them-RIGHT?

I also found these styrofoam shapes at Wal-mart, so I wrapped them in cute yarn and glued them on a wooden spool that is mod-podged with cute paper. Glued berries,stars, and a felted ball on top. I will keep these out for January Decor.

I found this tree at Pebbles in my pocket-wrapped it in tinsel and glued a felted ball on top. The snowman was gifted to me last year, so I  introduced him to my tree. They make a good pair- don't you think?

This is where the PEACE ended up, because the letters would not stand up. ugh..
so I glued them on red tinsel, so I could hang them somewhere. 
I wanted them above my nativity,but they were too heavy...{boo}
oh well, it is the eleventh hour so I'll make do.
Well goodnight my friends, I have much cooking to do tomorrow for all my kids and grands.
{I will miss you Chris & Cic.}= tiny tears

Have a very Merry Christmas!!!

Find someone to serve tomorrow...
it will do your heart good.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

5 More DayS...Yikes

I can't believe that we are 5 days away from CHRISTMAS...what, where, and how did that happen?
Well I must catch up so here I go...

Jesse & Andrea gave us an early Christmas present...She is a sweet, cute, and precious little girl- {Carmindie}
Jesse also turned the big 3-0! oh no

This dude turned 7...and all he wanted was a Sombrero. I just happened to have one laying around. ha-ha
What a crazy kid- but we love him and all his Quirks!!!

The Keller Christmas Gathering!

Great Grandma with the our Grands

The winner of the ugly sweater contest- lol

A family of ugly sweater wearers. ha-ha

Me & my daughters and our matching Glitter Toms

My 2 grandsons beating Santa up...what?

Now lets get to the Decor around my house.

I love the Peace Tree.

and the Nativity

I'm a hoping someone fills these up with good stuff-{not coal}.I've been good {really}.

This is just a portion of the decor
the house is oozing with Christmas!
And I am loving all of it,
especially the Music.

Tonight the Hubbs and I made 3 batches of Fudge
and the house is smothered in chocolate,
just the way it should be!

We are trying to read a Christmas story every night, and that is such a nice way to 
fall asleep...awww
Hey don't laugh, it's a way to bring excitement into the empty nest.

3 more parties
Secret Santa
Neighbor gifts
Wrap 12 more presents
The book of Mormon.
And a partridge in a pear tree!

I guess thats all for now...
I'm stressing myself out. ha-ha

I'm asking you to pray for my sister,
{She is struggling with her health}.
Luv Ya Sis!

I'm wishing you all a Merry Christmas!
May you all have Peace in your heart!
As we celebrate our Savior.


Thursday, December 8, 2011

When's the last time you smurfed???

We all Smurfed Tuesday Night.
and this is what it looked like.

Don't was just

Young Women
Laurels, Leaders
Christmas party
My House
Squirty Cheese & crackers
Sugary cake things &
TOO much Sugar[period}

Played games
Goofy Gift exchange
Secret Sister Stuff

It was a good time...
love having teenagers hang out at my house again!
{it's been a while}

We all smurfed & then the girls went home.

Us leaders pulled out the Queso dip & Talked
OI! sorry girls- you missed out

Loving this time of the year!