Tuesday, December 20, 2011

5 More DayS...Yikes

I can't believe that we are 5 days away from CHRISTMAS...what, where, and how did that happen?
Well I must catch up so here I go...

Jesse & Andrea gave us an early Christmas present...She is a sweet, cute, and precious little girl- {Carmindie}
Jesse also turned the big 3-0! oh no

This dude turned 7...and all he wanted was a Sombrero. I just happened to have one laying around. ha-ha
What a crazy kid- but we love him and all his Quirks!!!

The Keller Christmas Gathering!

Great Grandma with the our Grands

The winner of the ugly sweater contest- lol

A family of ugly sweater wearers. ha-ha

Me & my daughters and our matching Glitter Toms

My 2 grandsons beating Santa up...what?

Now lets get to the Decor around my house.

I love the Peace Tree.

and the Nativity

I'm a hoping someone fills these up with good stuff-{not coal}.I've been good {really}.

This is just a portion of the decor
the house is oozing with Christmas!
And I am loving all of it,
especially the Music.

Tonight the Hubbs and I made 3 batches of Fudge
and the house is smothered in chocolate,
just the way it should be!

We are trying to read a Christmas story every night, and that is such a nice way to 
fall asleep...awww
Hey don't laugh, it's a way to bring excitement into the empty nest.

3 more parties
Secret Santa
Neighbor gifts
Wrap 12 more presents
The book of Mormon.
And a partridge in a pear tree!

I guess thats all for now...
I'm stressing myself out. ha-ha

I'm asking you to pray for my sister,
{She is struggling with her health}.
Luv Ya Sis!

I'm wishing you all a Merry Christmas!
May you all have Peace in your heart!
As we celebrate our Savior.


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