Monday, March 19, 2012

It is what it is...

It's been a little fruity around here.
I have been off kilter.
Life has been kinda crappy.
Trying to fly through the grieving process.
Missing my Big Brother.
Trying to get back to normal.
{Whatever that is}

I have had to rely a lot on comfort foods like
Fruit Loops and...

Hot cocoa with lots of whipped cream.

I have found comfort in reading the 
Book of Mormon.

I find comfort in talking to friends and family.

I find comfort in trying to get pictures of shy little girls.

and celebrating with these guys:

 Because they totally rocked the 
Creative Kids Contest!

I am blessed to have so many distractions.

Because you can only think about loss
for a while, and then you have to take
a couple of steps forward.

I will continue with my process of grieving.

I will always miss my brother.

I will cherish life more because of my loss.

I will spend more time with people I love.

I will remember.

I will enjoy life.

I will help people to enjoy life.

Because that is the way my brother lived.

I am not 100%, but I am going forward.

Thanks to all of you who have helped me.

It is what it is...
but it is a whole lot better 
with people who care.


Have a fantastic week!!!
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  1. Prayers for peace and comfort sent your way. Grieving is such a process. Can't skip any of the heartache. Just goes to show what love you had for your Bro. (((HUGS)))

    1. Thanks Sharon- You are an inspiration to me!

  2. p.s when you think no one is reading your blog all of the sudden you will discover special friends. I have two addistional special friends from blogging. One is from Cali. she is "sisters of season" or *sandiO on my comments. (check out my latest post comments. She is not a member but very very faithful in her religion. If a can plant a seed for her that would be all the mattered! She lost her husband to a heart attack 2 years ago. Someday I will meet her. Also #2 is Marianne's Musings" she is from Salt Lake City. We have a lunch date scheduled if I can ever get back to Utah. They commented on my blog and I started following their blogs. SPECIAL! Don't give up! I use it for journaling as well. And on the positive note... You have become my dearest friend too! See it is a good thing!