Monday, May 23, 2011

Look who's Following!!!

She Deserves an Award!!!

This is my oldest Grand...she is eight, soon to be NINE.
She just happens to share my Middle Name-"CLAIRE"
And I just found out recently that she follows my blog!!!

Her Mom said something to her about my blog and she said, "I know" 
Mom asks: "How do you know?" 
and she replies, "Because I read it on her blog" 
Her Mom chuckles and asks: "when did you read her blog?" 
She replies: "I always read her blog- it's good" Ha- Ha

I just love that "GIRL"- she is so awesome, and would I dare say that she is my fav. follower???

I think I all 8 of you other followers, don't get your feelers hurt, ok?

After all she is my first Grand, and she is my name sake, and she is my youngest follower!!!

So... if I can entertain an 8 year old, with this here blog, it makes it all worth it!!!

Keep on reading "Sweet Pea" cuz:
Grandma LOVES it!!!

And to all others who read this here blog:
Thanks- {You are all} almost my Favorites-Ha!

{If any of you have 8 year olds, maybe... JK}

Any Hoo, Keep On READING!!!
And I'll try to keep on writing!

Have an Awesome Week!
Keep safe if you're in the Tornado Zone!


"Love" is only "Love"... 
If you give {it} away!

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  1. Proud to be number NINE ;) But, I can't beat out the "sweet pea." That is so cute... ;) Love ya!