Monday, October 31, 2011

Condensed Version!!!

So blogging has been put on a back burner, so we are doing a condensed version of what's been going on... Stay Tuned!

 The Before- Carv-able fake pumpkin
picked this "Baby" up at a costume store for $5!

Cut eyes and nose out of vinyl,
carved the {BIG} mouth out,
Then filled it up with candy & popcorn!!!

We hang with a rough crowd- BEWARE!

For a couple of weeks...
I felt like this wilted Sunflower...
My body ached from head to toe...

Glad that I was feeling better before this:

Trunk or Treat!

It was a fun night,
cuteness was everywhere,
& the soups were yummy!!!

Last but not least was our Annual Fam. Party.

50's Dude doing the Twist!

 Cute YODA

Minnie {Pretty in Pink}

Another Star Wars Character- Sassy!

Obi Wan Dude!

Cic. and the Grand Dog {Shark}

Creative Abbie made This Cute guy!!!

Cleo showed up...
Freiked all the grandkids out! LOL

The U of U Cheerleaders even showed up!
Cute little Dolls!!!

Teeth in all colors!

The highlight of the night was...
Apple Bobbing- WOW
who knew it could be so fun,
Especially watching the Germ O Phob. Parents- Ha-Ha

She was so determined to get an apple-
She dunked her whole head...
What a Champ!!!

Even the little ones got involved!
Lots of fun!!!

 My Tulle Wreath- not that Cute.

We are all tuckered out,
even Jack 
He fell asleep in Daddy's sock drawer!

I think Halloween 2011
was a

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For Halloween!!!!!!!!!

I hope everyone had good times!

Happy November!

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  1. LOVE THE PICS! #1 kiddos are adorable! #2 I have a pair of my Grandmothers glasses just like yours. LOVE 'EM #3 Family fun! #4 Trunks are decorated so FUN! You are the luckiest Grammie ever to be surrounded by your Grandkids. KUDO'S