Sunday, October 2, 2011

A much needed break!!!

Fall is in the air & I can't get enough!

We took a drive over Gooseberry Road
and we were in "awe" of all the beauty!

As we admired the beauty...
we listened to Conference.
It was perfection
Words of Wisdom from Our Leaders,
with beauty from our Heavenly Father.

Sharing the day with My Eternal Companion.
Pure Bliss I tell ya!

I wish it could have lasted longer, but you can't live in bliss 4-ever.

After a long, hard, week-
This road trip was much needed.

After a long 6 months,
Talks from the Conference
were much wanted & needed!

It's always good to be reminded of things we should be doing,
and remembering why you love the Savior,
and why the Gospel makes so much sense!

I am refreshed...
and am ready to enjoy...

Because I am {1} blesst Girl!

If you are interested in what "Conference" is

and if you want to know more about us Mormons
go to

It's all good- I PROMISE

Enjoy your week{!}

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