Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Well here we are in 2012.

I think I'll finish 2011, if you all don't mind.

Family Pictures- A long time coming-Thanks to all my kiddos for the effort they put into it!

The original 6-pack= True Love

There is nothing more precious to a Momma than a Family Picture hanging on the wall.

However Our Baby Carmindie didn't make it to the photo shoot
so...Well you know-another picture in the

Christmas Eve-Grandpa-Animal throws-FUN

5 of the 8 Grands on the roller racers- so much fun!

Some kids never outgrow the toys.

Testing the weight limit- good thing she's tiny. ha-ha
Grandpa was busy making cradles and cars. Cute I think, I'll have to get a pictures of the cars...
Love Handmade Toys!!!

Well that's it for 2011.

A year of the Good, the Bad &
The Ugly. 

Mostly Good- I tend to forget the bad & ugly.
Because I am one Blesst Girl!!!

PEACE OUT 2011!!!

Watch out 2012!!!
I am a woman on a Mission!

Phew-I gotta go.{Dust that table in the pic.}
Happy New Year to my Followers!
All {15} of you---Send all your friends my way- PLEASE


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