Monday, October 18, 2010

BFF's and The Angel!!!

Crrraazzzeee!!! BFF's

I am writing today with a heavy heart... no, nothing bad has happened in the nest - pheew...but first born baby girl is having a birthday!!! I refuse to divulge her age, but...gulp...where did all the time go??? Good thing she looks young for her "age".

Today I write to her, and her alone, because it is her special day. I must say that I was so happy the day you arrived, 36 hours of labor was gonna kill me- thank goodness for forceps and doctors who decided to come off the mountain and deliver, instead of shooting a deer. The nerve to be in labor during the deer hunt!!!

I soon learned that you were going to see how tough I was... and so you cried, non- stop and broke out with hives, and decided to burst out 2 teeth, at 2 weeks old, yes I said weeks!!! Well I showed you, that I could put up with whatever you could dish out.I cried non-stop too!!!lol At 3 months, you finally settled down and I must say the rest of our journey was wonderful!!! Well we are still journeying, but we are having fun now - at least, I am... remember BFF's!!!

You were named by your Dad, even though I put up a good Maria blessed our nest first. You were such a beautiful little girl- even though you were bald your first year of life. You were always smiling and you never learned to walk, you learned to run!!! You are still running...(skinny little thing). I must say that you never, never, never gave up on anything, you just try harder and stay up later. ha-ha You were such an angel growing up-really-not exaggerating. You were great with your brothers and sister and you had many friends and still do. You are a great mother and wife and you love doing Family history( for that I am most grateful)!!! You love anything artsy and your home shows it!

I have such love for you, because you taught me to be tough, and you taught me to love unconditionally, and you loved me unconditionally, and you brought me much joy, happiness,lovelieness,and you made me a proud mom in every endeavor that you tried- even jr. jazz basketball!!! You still make me proud as I watch you conduct your own life, and the life of your little family. You are always behind all the good parties in our family, and you are always making my world a little prettier with all the goodies you make me. You will be a good example to me for all eternity...
So today I am full of gratitude as I pay tribute to YOU, my BFF, You are my little flower and will always be, no matter how old you are!!! So Happy, Happy Birthday My little Angel...Have a wonderful day!!! Meet you @ the Grub Box for a yummy pumpkin pie shake!!!

Thanks for being my BFF!!!
love, love, love, your mommeee!!!

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