Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Wowza, my toes look diseased when I zoomed in-YUCK. But what do you think about the polka dots???
Cute, huh? Well that's what I thought too, just imagine them on pretty feet, anyhow DIL brought these vinyl toes down for us Keller chicks to try...and yes we love them!!!! They are super easy to put on, and they stay on for-EVER. They are basically vinyl stickers for the toes, imagine that, someone smart invented something good for the toes-WOWZA. Thanks CIC for the sweet treat!!!
The polka-dot toes have proven to make me happy, every time I look down on pathetic feet...I smile because polka-dots make me smile- how about you??? Not that I need polka-dot toes to make me smile, but hey anything helps during this rainy season we are having, right? Which brings me to the next subject- RAIN- It has kept me from going up the canyon to get some great fall pics for my new fall header, which is non-exsistent because of RAIN. But I am grateful for the rain, and I'll try not to complain about the RAIN, at least for a few minutes- because- RAIN is good!!! Yaay Rain!!!
Okay few minutes is up. Why does it have to rain this week??? I have a new ride (as in Beach Cruiser) and I haven't been able to ride it once, and RAIN makes me feel yucky sometimes, and I don't want to feel yucky, and I need to clean out flower beds, but the RAIN...Well you get the message...hey thanks RAIN, you have saved me a lot of work this week!!! Thanks so much for the- oh so badly, needed rest!!! SEE- that is how you change things to the positive- it's that easy- just talk to yourself and WOWZA- Good day- Sunshine!!! Love that song and love the Beatles!!!
Also, about positive...General Conference...Prophet...talks that speak to me...Yes,  now that was positive baby, and I soaked in every single word, and now I am good to go for another 6 months...WOWZA!!!

        SEE YA- WHEN THE rain STOPS!

         Think POSITIVE-Enjoy LIFE
                         HUGS, MEG

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