Friday, October 15, 2010


Well, it has been awhile- 10 ten days to be exact! I know, that is a long time in blog world and I'm sorry, but life happens and so does being lazzyyy!!! Let me clarify "lazy"- it is: (according to Meg)

  • Taking time to relax
  • Finish reading book I have been trying to finish all summer long (BORN TO RUN)
  • Enjoying this beautiful fall weather (minus the rain, wind, hail & tornado)
  • Riding the "Cruiser"
  • Taking pics of cute people
  • Trying to get all the fall & halloween decor out & up
  • Training- no, not body, mind- as in work
  • Taking rides to unknown and unwelcome places ( thanks Jesse)
  • Partying- LOTS of birthdays this time of year
  • Yard Work=YUCK
  • And my favorite- Eating, drinking and being MERRY!!!
So now you know the rest of the story- Feel Better???  I DO, that was a heavy load to carry.

Here we go!!!

Trying hard to SMILE !

The End!!!
Have a Lazy Weekend
& ENJOY!!!

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  1. Ah, Lovin' your blog too! I am still struggling to stay away from f/b but I'm thinkin' it would be a lot easier to chat with you. I'm going to give you the scoop on the insulin pump. If Mr. Clark could have qualified for this sooner it could have saved him from all of these issues. So my advice to you MAKE IT A PRIORITY. Find a doctor that will work to get him one. It is WONDERFUL! He can keep his numbers stable. He now has a monitor that is the pumps partner. Its great when it works. We are still trying to tweak it. It alarms him if he is getting a low. And if he reachs higher than 200. I'm serious when I tell you it could save your husbands life (and future serious medical issues). Wear and tear on his organs. Clark is feeling so much better. Your husband just has to be willing to check his sugar often. It's worth the effort. I'll try to find you again on f/b. I thought I had to delete friends to disable my f/b. So sad-- I am regreting it! Take Care and Keep in touch!

  2. Wait a minute is this for Jesse? Man what is happening? I was thinking it was your husband that has diabetes. Oh dang, he is too young. Let me know whats up?