Thursday, June 2, 2011

Retail Therapy @ KMART!!!

We have had a crazy spring- meaning lousy weather. I was getting a little depressed and so I thought I should go and get some therapy... 
Since I live in a small town, we don't have too many places to shop.
Wal-Mart or K-Mart???
Hmmm- because of lack of energy, I chose 
K-Mart, because K-Mart requires less energy.
So here is what I managed to acquire:
  • 1- Pair of Dress Shoes = $3
  • 3- Pair of Flip Flops = $21
  • 3- Shirts = $30
  • 3- Folders = $3
  • 2- Buckets = $2
  • 1- Pillow = $10
  • 1 - Essie Nail Polish = $8
Grand Total $ 77 plus Tax
I know that sounds like a lot of money, but usually I only get 2 bags of cleaning supplies, this time I got 5 bags of FUN!!!
I know it helped the depression too!!! Ha-ha

Everything was on sale- except the
"Cute as a Button"
Nail Polish.
I think I did good, don't you???
Cheaper than a therapy session!!!
K-Mart should pay me for this kind of Ad!!!

Well, I'm off to polish my toes, and 
Gussy up the pillow for my guest room, and
Organize my papers in my cute folders, and
Try on all my cute shoes, and
Try on my cute new shirts, and
Play in the dirt with the grands with the new buckets!!!

Hope your week is as exciting as mine-
{with} or {without} RETAIL THERAPY!!!
I'm too blesst to be depressed!!!
Hope you are too!

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  1. GOOD IDEA!!!!!! I still have a Hobby Lobby gift card. $40. in JCP coupons THINK I NEED A RETAIL DAY! BTW--LOVIN' THE FLIP FLOPS!!!!! Summer here we come!