Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Celebrating Again!!!

I know- I should have more balance in my life- but My Baby Daughter had a
we ate out at...

Z Tejas!!!

We just happened to be in SLC that Day,
And just happened to be in the neighborhood
of The Gateway, and
Had heard so much about Z Tejas,
just had to try it,

Steak Burrito
Stuffed Peppers
Street Tacos
All Tasty, but packed with Heat.
Dessert for the Birthday Girl!
Berry & Peach Cobbler- DELISH

That was our date with our Baby Girl...
who is now 25! Boo-Hoo

It was a very good, emotional,fun,crazy, painful,hectic,super day!!!

Sounds weird, but it is true...
all that in one day- Phew!

I love to celebrate Birthdays, especially with
the ones I love!

Abbie- May you stay Forever Young!!!


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