Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hello SePtEmBeR....

I love September!!!
Because It Is:

The month of my Birth.
 Lovely weather- Hot in the day, cool at night.
Leaves start turning.
Lovely soft sweaters.
Fall decorating.
New {Parenthood} Shows.
School kids in their new clothes.
Crafty Fever.
Trip to see my Sister & Brothers.
GreenRiver Watermelon.
Mums in all colors.
Garden Goodness!

Nothing better than Fresh Veggies!!!
Courtesy of our Ward Garden...
Thanks to all who did the work!
Much appreciated by ME!

Have a great Holiday, and
Don't Labor too much!!!

As for me and my House,
We are going to enjoy each other=LOVE!
Good Food!
Grandma Bingo!
Tickles and Giggles!
Hope you all make Memories!!!


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