Thursday, September 8, 2011

Good Times with the FaM!!!

The Annual Reunion!!!
Awe-inspiring scenery...

We are so blesst to live so near to 
pure "Bliss" in the Mountains!

We enjoyed the CAMP FIRE &
Singing by the campfire &
Roasting Marshmallows & Hot Dogs!

Everyone loves when Uncle Chris plays the Guitar!!! {even Zoey}

Angela & Todd were in charge and they did a great job!!!
The kids enjoyed Painting sun catchers & 
Sand Art. ( sorry no pics)
We played Bingo & Grandma loved
handing out the prizes. (no Pics.) BOO!

Angela organized a craft for all the Women!
Yay Crafts!!!

Cute Door Hanger! Thanks Ang.!

They also prepared lots of fun with the
"Minute to win it" Games...
Everyone had a great Time- See for Yourself.

Cic. was the winner-she knows how to swing. 

We are on Picture overload,
Hang in There!

Like Father, like Son

Cousins Hiding in the Grass-{Cute}

A lot of 4-wheeling...


Even the dogs had a great time!!!

I hope you didn't fall asleep...
but after all - this is my Journal-
so I couldn't leave anything out!

We definitely made Memories!!!

Have a Great Weekend...

I'm gonna be celebrating...
It's been fun so far,
I will- tell all...
Stay Tuned!!!

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  1. I can never get enough Keller family antics. I will begin following you, NOW!