Friday, September 17, 2010

Family, Friends, Food and FIFTY...WHAT

This is me when it all began!!! I know, chumpy wasn't I? That was 50 years ago and I can't believe I am actually that old, so... what would a party girl like me do, yes that's right. WE PARTIED!!!
I planned some of my party and the fam. carried it out, it was crazy and fun. Crazy because I had a hard time celebrating that number, but fun because everything that includes family, friends and food is always fun.
The location was at my friends yard... it is spectacular! All the retro that you can take in and the beauty of the yard was amazing!!! Her house and yard really should be in Country Living magazine-not kidding. The food was delish and the guests were awesome. I guess I can handle 50 if everyone is there right along with me, is everyone on board?
I have to post pics just so you can get a taste of the goodness, ENJOY!!!

                                     THANKS EVERYONE FOR A WONDERFUL DAY

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  1. HaPpy '50' I love the message, "you are only the age of your heart" and Lucky for you to have such a big celebration! AWESOME! I turned 50 this yr. myself... Hears to the next 50 :)