Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Thank you's and smoothies...

                            This is what I've been up to...

If you know me very well, you know that I cannot do anything SIMPLE!!! Sheesh, is there a name for that disease???  Well, anyhow, back to my thank you cards- here is the process- I know you are dying to know, ha-ha ( take notes it is complicated).
Sketched sunflower on kraft cardstock with the help of my Silhouette Machine. It is cool what you can do with that machine, anyhow...
Stamped the Big thanks on cards
Colored the sunflower with watercolor pencils, that was the time consuming part.
Brushed over the colors with wet brush, hence the watercolor effect---aah!
And there you have it, pretty cards for pretty people who shared my 50th celebration with me.
But that's not all... I then hand wrote every message on every card... then I hand delivered some and now I am trying to find envelopes to fit custom cards, so I can mail the rest...it never ends, does it...CRAZY DISEASE!!!

See this pretty fruit, well it came from my garden...except the blueberries...they are from Costco. Wouldn't they make a yummy smoothie??? THEY SURE DID, I can testify to that...but no proof, because I drank it before I took a pix. Oh well, I'm only human- I think (scratching head). Any-hoo,

               Have a great DAY...and think SIMPLE!!!
                                          UNLESS YOU HAVE MY DISEASE...

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