Monday, March 7, 2011

Gone Green---

Since Easter is in April, I decided to drag the ol'lephrachan and green accessories out...for the remainder of March!!! 
Besides, who wants bunnies and eggs out, when there is a winter storm blowing in- I just needed an excuse to put this guy out...

Years ago- I belonged to a club, and a lady would bring us these kits to make cute dolls, like this guy...she did most of the work, and we just hot glued and did a little hand sewing. It was fun-and it was totally easy- what more could you ask for...
We made a witch, a Frankenstein, a scarecrow,and the cute leprechaun, and then she probably quit- because we wore her out, but it was fun while it lasted!!! I don't remember her name- and she came from out of town- so that is why I call her SHE.
I took a lazy day today- stayed home- goofed around-and put up the GREEN!!! I was supposed to be at training, but weather got in the way, so I couldn't go-Boo!!!
More GREEN- & more bad lighting-and bad photos-SORRY

Cute Pillow was made by a Friend- Love it!!!
I have had all these little St. Patty's Day decorations for a very long time, but I still love them- it must be the Irish in me- and it reminds me of my Brother {Pat} born on St. Patty's Day- ha!!!

In the next few days- I hope to make a cute little garland to hang on my cute little Memo Board- so I will post ASAP- in between camp meetings,work meetings,cleaning,decorating a non-profit place,and helping a friend...whose hubby had to have emergency Heart surgery, Prayers for the Perkins- PLEASE.
So until next Post- stay warm & GO GREEN- It's fun-really...
Lucky Wishes coming your way!!!
Love, MEG

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