Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Necessary Read...

I have not had a post on I think it is time.
I will start with one---
that is Necessary to read if:
  • Want to communicate better.
  • Wish to be a better listener.
  • Want to have stronger relationships.
Yes- This is the Book for You!!!

Great Title, Don't you think???
I acquired this book from a friend, who has had this prize book in her home for years...but she just cracked it open a few months ago.
She {ranted and raved}, and said I must read that is what I am attempting to do.
I am not done, but I have learned so much, and I feel like I need to read and re-read, just so I can get it right.
I wish I had come across this book- like 30 something years ago...
I wish I had this info. when my kids were little...
Life would have been so different, and so much better...
because us 70' kids were never taught to communicate, in fact we were mostly hushed and not validated at all.
So all you people out there...
I am calling this a necessary Read!!!
I think we could all learn from it, and we could have happier lives, and those around us could have happier lives!!!
In fact this is a keeper, so go buy you a copy...
It can save relationships, and I could go on forever, but I'll save you the preaching. lol
{Ranting & Raving}
I think my kids will be receiving their own book, because I want them to succeed- and because "I Heart Them".
I'm trying to convince "R" that he should read it too...{not happening}
But seriously; If you're going to read a book- read this one!!!
It's not my fav. read like- This one:
Post: My Favorite Read-2-20-11
but it is most definitely a close "2nd".
So my friends- READ ON!!!
Let me know what you think about this book...
and ENJOY LIFE and remember:
Success does not come from Perfection;
It comes from consistently
moving in the right direction{!}

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