Monday, March 21, 2011

SPRING is in the AIR!!!

In the house air- that is!!! 
The outside air has no sign of spring- so I decided to bring spring out of the box and make my home {SPRINGY}.
I do not appreciate Mother Nature being so sloooow, to bring on the spring weather... but when you live in Utah, you just have to roll with whatever we get.
So Mother Nature- TAKE THIS!!!

There is more to come- I'm just getting started...
I am already feeling renewed and...SPRINGY.
These daffodils from the Cancer Society...
make me happy-what do you think???

I have more bunches, ready to go ...just call me and 
I'll hook you up...after all it helps Cancer research...and it helps you feel {SPRINGY} and that is a good thing!!!
Everyone have a great week and bring some Spring inside...
or call me and I'll bring you some SPRING!!!
And we'll {all} stick it to -Mother Nature-YAH!!!


  1. Hay thanks for the inspiration! I think I will bring the Spring inside too!
    I am thankful to see the sun today. :)

  2. I love your "Springy" attitude! Maybe this is just what I need to "feel it" in my house!!! Time to dig out some boxes and get some daffadils if you have some left. Let me know! thanks for all the inspiration you give to all your friends!! Your the "Bestest!" Love you!