Saturday, November 6, 2010

It's a GREAT way to end a Week!!!

I had a great time Thursday evening, spending time with such a cute family. Trying to capture the personalities of these darling little girls and their beautiful parents...with a camera lens.

Yes, they are my Son's family, and yes I am totally in love with all of could you not be???

We didn't have much daylight, and sometimes we didn't have any cooperation, but all in all...these little girls did good job trying to smile.

A perfect picture would not be a "real" we did great... getting some "real" pictures!!! They all express the love between each other & that's what matters, right???

So enjoy...

Live life as it comes, because it only happens once.
Enjoy the little ones- because they don't stay little.
Don't look for perfection, because there's no such thing.
Soak in every day as if it were your'e last.
Find beauty in all things...because that's how the Creator would want it.
Success is not in the shape of your house or body, but rather in your spirit.
Remember Love is not spoken, it is shown.

Have a great weekend... 
& enjoy the beauty... 
and take some pictures...

                    I'm loving Fall...This Year!!!
                                                   Love, Meg


  1. Oh so ADORABLE! Such a beautiful family. XO

  2. These turned out pretty well considering the girls' attention span, thanks again! can you put these on a disk for me?