Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Little Sunshine...& Spice...Yah right!!!

Well, life was getting a little boring in the nest, so... why not get a new kitty to spice things up!!!

What was I thinking??? I wasn't, but when Grandson #2 comes in and says "surprise Grandma- I got you Sunshine" (sunshine is what he named her)Her is a baby kitty- cute huh??? I just couldn't break his heart, so I said Thanks Bubbah. 

Well it's all history now. Kitty is now ours and we are learning that kitties are for YOUNG PEOPLE!!!
We haven't quite settled on a name, sunshine isn't what I think of when I look at her, any suggestions???

She is cute, but I am now covered with scratches, and she always wants to be held, and she cries a lot, and she eats a lot, and she poops a lot and well....the list goes on.

The grandkids are loving her and love to play with her and carry her everywhere, then they leave and she wants us to hold and carry her. Hmmm, sounds like reverse story of grand parenting...

I guess I'm out of practice, since it's been like 18 years since my last kitty experience...and that kitty is still alive!!! Yes, she can hardly walk, but she is still breathing and eating. Sheesh,how many lives does she have left???

So if your'e wondering what I've been up to...think kitty raising!!! Then you will understand why there are bags under the eyes and scratches all over my body...and then you can see all the spice in my life and be jealous!!! ha-ha

Now for the big reveal...Pictures of new kitty!

CUTE ... HUH???

Have a great week and SPICE up your life a little, or not...
X0X0X, Meg


  1. hey auntie!!! long time no speak! i am gonna try and do the internet social thing with more effort! lol. anyway just wanted to say hi and say that your blog is pretty freaking awesome! love you guys! tell everyone i said hi :)