Monday, November 1, 2010

A Spooktacular Evening!!!

So Halloween started early this year, beginning with the City Celebration...pumpkin carving,costume contest,stew,rolls,pie,cookies= YUMMY!!!

Spiderman found his horse friend amongst the many, many kids!!!

This ninja frightened I was on my best behavior.

I saw this cute little ice cream cone, and had to take her unknown

Forced picture, they were having too much fun running around!!!

This little lion got a lot of attention and she was very courageous...the witches didn't even scare her!

Yes, even cute witches pick their noses!!!

There she is again, hanging out with her friend!

This witch won the costume contest in her category!!!

This is Sponge Bob Princess...and she takes this very serious. Don't mess with her sponge bob!!!

The prettiest fairy in all the land!!!

Ariel, the Mermaid minus the red hair...she smiled even tho she was not in the mood!!!

Taking a breather from all the suckers...I think she consumed...well let's just say alot!!!

Scooter and Daddy!!! Can you guess what he is??? Let's get a closer look!!!

There you go...Captan Jack!!! He posed for many pictures, just like a movie star...any scouts out there for dogs???

The cute little witch...she loved the suckers too. Those suckers made our night more pleasant, so we'll worry about the cavities later! right Dr. Todd???

More forced pictures. All the girls chilling and waiting to go trick or treating...crazy weather!!!

This is the whole crew minus daughter #1's family, they were out of town celebrating Dr. Todd's 40th...yes!!! Maybe they were checking out OLD FOLKS HOMES!!! HA_HA

This is the famous Taco Soup- the real reason my kids come over on Halloween!!! But whatever works, I'm game!!! I started this tradition many years ago, when my kids were still at home & the tradition lives here's to many more taco soup Halloween's!!! Somehow the cute gingerbread spider got in on the photo shoot...Thanks Abbie!!!

Here's the little devils...I mean the Newlyweds!!! The photographer did not get pics of the other adults...sorry, we need a new photographer...any recommendations???

Everyone brought goodie bags or buckets, but photographer didn't get a picture of all of them before they were gone, sorry...but this is what was left. Thanks Great Grandma,Andrea,Abbie,Cic,and Grandma Meg!!! You all were so generous!!!

And last but not least...The Deviled Eggs aka Bloody eyeballs!!!
Thanks Cic!!!
                                 OH, WHAT A NIGHT !!!

The kids finally made it out to trick or treat, in between storms. They were so excited to have sooo much candy!!! I also made my grandma's famous butterscotch cake, but it was eaten way too fast, so there is no picture to show!!! Yum-Yum!!!

We also watched How to train your dragon, and tried to watch Hocus Pocus, But because it's not one was we, I mean the boys- watched football!!!

              Thanks to all who made our Halloween a very..............                               SPOOKTACULAR EVENING !!!

                   Hope you all had a great Halloween also...
                         Love, Meg

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