Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Giving Thanks & Crafty Things!!!

Tis the season...to give thanks!!! As I promised I would be giving a crafty thing to my first 3 followers...and my only 3 followers-ha-ha. I am giving thanks to you 3 girls that were willing to open a google account and be my follower. You are awesome and I will be sending you a cute thank you for your loyalty!!! tears...choking up...

You Likey???

So there you go-Dana, Jeri & Andrea...It's all yours!!!

I have also been working on a thankful craft, something that R. & I could participate in together. So here goes instructions... as always EASY Peazy:
  • Bought cookie sheets at Ikea (last year)
  • R. drilled holes on top (4 or so inches from the sides)
  • Cut vinyl with my cutting machine (it's lovely)
  • Apply vinyl on cookie sheet
  • Pull ribbon thru holes and tie
  • Add flower (if you like)
  • Use Dry Erase markers to write what your thankful for:
I thought this would be a great idea, because you can never be too thankful, right? Then you can erase and start over the next week. This does not have to be a November thing, it can be all year long!!! I know, I'm a thinker. Oh, and when this craft gets dull or out of style...peel off vinyl, tear off ribbon, wash and use for a cute cookie sheet-Genius huh???

Well now you know what I have been up to...besides cooking, cleaning, Christmas shopping, going to Sweet tooth Fairy with cute girls and playing with kitty (she is now called JEWELS) even tho R. is not convinced, but who's kitty is it anyway??? Yes, it's mine, therefore I get to name her...so there!!!

Oh, and back to the Sweet Tooth Fairy...I finally got to go there, and I could hardly contain myself- sorry no pictures. I highly recommend you going there if you have a chance, because the peanut butter-chocolate & the marbled chocolate, cupcakes were to die for!!! And yes I ate 2, what did you expect??? I am proud of myself for not eating 3 or 4 or 6!!! That is what you call self control, and besides I never know when I'll be back...so I stock up on things I like and I like CHOCOLATE!!! Sorry NieNie, I didn't get your namesake cupcake, but maybe next time. I didn't share with R. or anyone-I'm sorry-maybe next time. I say "next time" a lot!!!

There it is...tell me what you think- they are for sale:$18 dollars- if you are interested: e-mail me-FB me- or Call me!!! 
It's R.'s turn next week to write what he's thankful for...Yeah!!!

Until next time- Stay Warm and - Be thankful for:
                               Crafty Things!


  1. WOW!!! I'm soo excited!!! Yay!!! I can't wait to see it!! We really need to get together(just a few of us)and make some crafts (simple stuff) every once in awhile. I never know what to make and you always have the cutest ideas!!! Although I have to say "Quilting is a BLAST"!!! We can do that too!!! Thanks Margret!!! I love reading your blog! You make me laugh!!! Love ya!!!

  2. You are so creative!!! I love this, I think I may make one, if I can find a cute cookie sheet in Price. Good luck with that I know.