Saturday, November 13, 2010


Happy Anniversary Babee, got you on my miiind!!!
Remember that song, I do and I loved it then, and I love it now. 

Anywhoo, it's that time of year again- Time to reflect...time to appreciate what you have and what you have been through...time to take yourself back to 1987, when our family, all 6 of us were sealed together for time and all eternity!!!

That was a very exciting day for all of us, and the kids still remember that day even though they were little. I loved every minute of it!!! I'm remebering:

The girls in their pretty white frilly dresses.
The boys in their suits, and their bad haircuts(yes I cut their hair).
My poodle hairdo.
Glen's corduroy suit.
My Mom was sick-cancer treatments, yuck!
Glens bathroom dilema, caused by pumpkin pie (TMI, I know).
Staying in Hooker Hotel the night before-thanks to my friend for booking the rooms. lol
But all in all it was an amazing day, especially the buffet afterwards. YUM YUM I always seem to remember the food details.

I love the amazing man that I married, not once , but twice. I think I would marry him again if he asked, ha-ha, now that is way too mushy, I'm sorry!!! 
My grown kids don't like to hear anything mushy about their mommy & daddy-ewww-sick!!!
So with that said: LOOK @ THE (kinda) CUTE PICTURES!!! Thanks Abbie!!!

                   And Many More...
A big thanks to the sweet lady who let us take pictures in her orchard...we also took a few of these cute kids...

She was kinda naughty & wouldn't smile until she ate a blue sucker!
She's learning young!!!

He was pretty good, but wanted to hang like a monkey from the trees...
sorry sweet lady!!!

Hang in there and have a SUPER
Special Weekend!!!
X's & O's, MEG

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  1. Happy Anniversary! You, Missy Miss Keller, have the FUNNEST blog ever! I love all of the crafts and all of the ridiculously darling grandbabies! I will have to check in here more often!