Monday, February 28, 2011

Part 2...

Monday Morn. {President's Day}
Our anniversary always falls between Valentine Day and Pres. Day.
We always have to share this holiday with everyone- and their dogs...
Note to self & others: Don't plan your blesst day on- or near any holidays!!! It just ain't right. lol
Off to Park City- we went- even though it was just a day trip- it is better than a day at home, arguing over the movie that we should watch...
We stop in Provo on our way, and eat at this place...

Our boys grown sons- love this place- and they thought we should try it. I'm always up to try new food, so we checked it out. Boys suggested Yellow Curry...
It was different- and good- but not what I imagined...but I will try it again before I give my final answer.

Then we traveled on to Park City!!!
Factory Outlets- Busy because of the Holiday!
Mrs. Fields Cookies- YUMMMM
World Market-Love the art, and the jewelry, and the unique drinks, and the kitchen supply dept., and pretty much- THE WHOLE STORE!!!

Fav. Drink & NO Sugar 

Inspiring sign=HAPPY

Then we went Here:

The BEST STEAK in town!!!
Yeah Baby-That was worth "32" 
Years of The Blesst Nest!!!
All in the name of love!!!
I feel so blesst to have a man- to love- and argue- with for 32 Years...and
so blesst to be able to drive 2 hours -south or north- to enjoy our beautiful state!!!
Go Ahead: BE JEALOUS- just don't hate!!! lol
Now you know- I am officially one week behind in posting...I'll catch up...promise...
If my body will cooperate...
setback with my blood sugars...
too low, not too high...weird...
But that's normal for me- {weird} that is!!!
Stay well, and LOVE all those around you, because love Month is officially over!!!
I'm gonna miss you-February!!!
{Maybe now I can focus on other things-besides LOVE...}

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