Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Forgotten Mantle...

I forgot to post my Easter Mantle, so here she is:{blurry & all}

Not my favorite, it's just a bunch of stuff...

The 3 potted trees are from Target dollar spot, they were cute, but I had plans to doll them up, plans were cancelled, so they are just like I bought them.booooo

The Bunny is a fav. of mine from many years ago- he's just a stud bunny- don't you think???

The Spring block was a find a few years back & I still love it!!!

The grass was in a pukey clay pot, so I just painted it white & added a #2-easy.

2- glass vases filled with cool eggs & that is all I got-sorry, it's not that cool.
But this Egg is Cool:

I bought this cool trim to sew on a pillow, but it was too dang hard to sew it on...so I just glued it on, & now I have a cute egg. I just love it- so I took {it's} picture with everything, I'm crazy like that.

The wreath on the counter has been sitting there for a few weeks... waiting... for more inspiration, and time- it just needs a nest, and a bird...but it's so windy around here that I can't hang it on my door anyhow! weird weather- go away!
So- hope that was entertaining...lol
I will now end with a cute pic. of my IZZZZ,
Grandpa made her a chili- dog, she took one bite and said; "Delicious"
then she knocked out...Hilarious...

This girl has "Sass" and so we {love} when she falls asleep...ha-ha
She looks so angelic when she's asleep...
{Oh, how I love this Girl}.
Have a great Wednesday, and eat a chili-dog, and then go decorate an egg...

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