Sunday, April 10, 2011

What's Up DUCK???

I've been up to a whole lot, this last week...and I just thought you should see some of  it:

Monday Project- "Mod Podge eggs"
I ripped strips of dictionary pages, and then mod podged them on my paper mache eggs.
Simple but Cute...Then I had to fancy some up with my silhouette machine.

Then you put them in a cute basket and add a cute little nest- easy peasy!

Add a bucket of pretty {fake} Tulips and you have this:

Tuesday was filled with work, board meeting,and YW Camp Meetings...
Wednesday, I stepped out of my box and took a watercolor 101 paint class. I know, what am I thinking...overwhelmed and now I'm squeezing in a paint class, I'm just plain nuts...but I had fun and I learned some things and best of all I got to spend 3 hours with my daughter, yes she is crazy too, busy crazy. Here is what I did:

I learned how to mix paints-I'm thinking of framing this!!!lol
Thursday was work, painting class, and then in the evening...A little bit of fun at this house:

Everything in my friend's house is just lovely.
I can just sit there and look around for hours, seriously she should have her house featured in a magazine. She had grass growing in water in those little glass adorable.
We met with others and discussed our "WORD" for the year, it was a good time, and we all had such good was so {inspiring}, and so much {energy} in the room, and we were all {content}. Those words were just a few of the {words} that my lovely friends have chosen, and I see some great things happening this year- lots of growing!!! Looking forward to the next WORD GROUP...
On Friday, I went to work, then I went to get some lovely lashes- yes, that is what old people do when they begin to loose their lashes: I did not like the hour and a half sitting still, but the outcome was COOL.

Love the lashes- but I hate the weird way I smile...
Friday night I was at the theatre, watching "HOP" 
The rest of the weekend was pretty much spent wearing these:

The most comfy slippers I've ever owned, and they were gifted to me by my cute son, he even bought all his sisters a pair too. He's fun like that!!!
Saturday Night we had dinner with "R"s Mom and siblings- It was fun catching up and enjoying good food...Family makes everything better!!!

So there you have it... a lot of busyiness.
I can't believe I accomplished all that and more- because I felt like crap all week...
I hate to complain- but my body hurt from head to toe. 
I like to blame the weather, because it was miserable most of the week. 
The weather makes fibromyalgia run a muck!!!
I don't like to bring the "Fibro" word into my conversations, but it is... what it is. 
I really despise this disease, because I feel like a failure when I feel achy and tired, but I'm glad the week is over and the aches are subsiding- 
WAA-WAA... Thanks for Listening.

Too much fun for one week...I think I'll take a break ha-ha- not gonna happen. 

Have a Great Week and 
Enjoy all the little things, and 
all the green things...
hopefully wherever you are- 
there are green things popping up!!!
As for me... I'm gonna rest- and read and -gear up for the new week ahead. Yeah
WOW--That was a long post- hope you aren't exhausted...


  1. Those eggs are so cute! Blimey, you have been busy, even if you weren't feeling to great, you still got a heap done! Hope your aches are a little easier this week!

  2. Meg-

    Love that K egg and those lashes! Those eggs are the coolest I've seen. Not tacky like most easter decor...

    I'd be oh so happy if you could share this with my readers tonight @Creative Juice Thursday. Get your crafting shoes on... Hope to see you there...