Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Working Girl...

I haven't talked too much about my work,{on this blog} so I thought that would be a good subject to start the week with...

I am the Director of 2 Museums in Castle Dale. 
The Museum of the San Rafael &
The Pioneer History Museum.
The Director involves the work of 6 people- and the knowledge of 10 people...but they only want me to work part-time-funny huh?
I have been working on research lately and that is {zero} fun. Traveling to training is just plain cruddy...and I'm not loving the public relations lately...but
I'm thankful I am employed!!!

There are lots of perks to this job and one of them is:
My own office in the rear of Museum...which means I get to decorate another space- and NO, my employers do not pay for it!


The Door- bet you wouldn't have guessed that.

The clock above my computer!!!
Love it!!!

Top of my Desk- Love the little orange bird-He makes me happy!!!

This is just 1 side of my U-shaped desk. This is as clean as it gets, because I am one hard-working girl. ha-ha

Well there you have it, now you have seen a bit of my other nest.
I hope that you were enlightened by my Career- lol.

I was reading a blog the other night, and the lady was not very happy with her job, so she quit. She then pursued a job that she thought would be ideal for her, but she soon found out that it was not so good after all, so she quit that job. 
She quickly called her old employer and asked for her old job back, and of course they said "no", she became very depressed and realized she had made a huge mistake...but she kept bugging them. They ended up hiring her back...but for half of the pay she was making before- and half of the hours- yeah...

I'm thinking- I'll make myself happy with my job...and I'll pretend it's my ideal job...and I'll be the best that I can be, 

Even if I have no benefits
Even if I have to use my brain a lot
Even if I have to travel
Even if I have to do the work of 6 people
Even if I have to pretend to like some people
Yes, I'll do it, because I am blesst to have a job...and that's the end of that!

Hope you all have a great week...
and enjoy your job, 
whether at home, or away!!!
Be the best that you can be...
Do you like my little orange Bird??? 


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