Friday, January 7, 2011

One Week In...


How could it be??? 7 days in... and I have not posted...Let me explain: (Excuses)

Blogger problems- Serious- I have no idea why, but it is happening...error codes...can't post...can't far today... it's working- Ya-Ya-Ya!

Baby, It's cold outside!!! Brrr, and extra Brrr- what does this have to do with blogging you ask? Well-when I'm cold- I do a lot of sitting in front of the space heater-conserving energy for the real important things like: Walking, Talking, Eating, and working. {20} degrees as a high-is not high enough... for this body!

Trying to put my house back in order, well that's an ADD thing...because- I am also trying to go through my holiday storage and de-junk as well as pack up the good stuff in an organized fashion. So that = LOTS OF TIME IN THE COLD BASEMENT and that does not go well, when you have borderline ADD, or maybe I have crossed the border- who knows???

Dealing with: well,let's just say "stuff". You know the stuff that involves wicked step mothers, and stuff that makes you sad, and stuff that is frustrating, and you can't do anything about it, because that's not your job, but you think it is, and you want to help everyone, but you forgot to get a degree: in psychology, or idiotocrasy, that is a word, right? Well anyway, 2011 has brought some stuff, and I'm trying to deal- okay...sorry, but I am still on the EXCUSE jag, so bear with me, You guys are great listeners {THANKS}.

So enough of the excuses, let's get on to the fun New Year's Eve, sorry , no PICTURES- what the??? 
It was too cold to go get my camera out of the car, so I had to improvise with my {New} phone- but new phone didn't have a SD card, so...can't share pics with you so now we are down to details-Boring, I know... but her it goes:

Place: Son's house in P.G.-COOL
Time: Anytime is Good, just arrive alive.
Menu: New York Steaks ( 2" thick)
      King Crab Legs (steamed)
      Gourmet Salad (with apples)
      Shrimp platter
      Bean Dip
      Flan and of course cookies and ice cream!!!Yeaaah...

It was all prepared my my son, and he did an amazing job!!!
The best part was I just had to show food assignment, no cleaning, no nothing, just show up and enjoy- DOUBLE YEAAAH!!!

Thanks Chris and Cic. for an absolutely enjoyable night!!! You are both-a great host and hostess. The rest of the night was fun too...
Then-the next day was just...relaxing, shopping the Dillard's Sale...Ha-ha, it was not fun---fighting women over purses... and shoes... and everything...{those crazy Utah Valley Women}...they kill for a good deal-geez, get a life---ALREADY.JK 

So here I am: {a week in} and already the fun has begun, hey that rhymed...
I do have faith, that {Twenty-Eleven} is going to be good, I'm just getting off to a rough start.

Back to the fun things: You asked and I provide- ha-ha!!!

I got this idea from a cool blog - Vinyl cut on my Silhouette Machine- Plate from Wal-Mart- dry erase pen- and there you have a darling little memo board-for a darling little friend. I likey, do you???  VINYL AVAILABLE from MEG.

This bench was a Table...until monday...I found this fabric at Wal-mart- and decided to pad- and - staple- now it's a BENCH! We now have more seating for my {Little Room}. Come on over and try it out...COMFY... and Last but not Least---My FAV.

A Sweet Surprise from R.
I was truly surprised...really!!!

So I Guess, I had been good in 2010- I was really sweating it, cuz it's hard to be good- Sometimes...

Here's to a New Year, with a clean slate, and Hope that we will have a chance to make this our BEST Year EVER, and enjoy one another, and be a Friend to ALL!!!
Thanks to all of you for the time you take to be my BLOG FRIEND---Love MEG

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  1. I can relate!!! Brrr it's cold(coming our way soon) Dealing with STUFF( did the Christmas scale down! and Ya, we need to go back to School to get our degree in Physcology (I never went bacause I just wanted to be a Mom) thats where I thought wrong! LOL And Projects? You inspire me! Now I just need inspiration to deal with NO SUGA!!! OMG! HAVE A WONDERFUL NEW YEAR. XO