Friday, January 21, 2011


                                      On this day...Last Year...I lost a very good friend (sigh).
I am very nervous to write this post, and I hope that I can write what my heart feels at this moment... I am writing this in honor of her life...and as a tribute to all that loved her. I am writing this as I REMEMBER, so I hope that all comes out right.
I know that every day is precious, and that we do not know when this day might come...the day that you find out that a cherished friend has suddenly left.
That is what happened, she left us before we could say goodbye-
She left before I could tell her that I admired her-
She left before I could hear her incredible laugh, one last time-
She left before we could join our friends for one last dinner-and
She left before Her and her husband could leave for Russia, for their mission,
 She left before I could hug her and tell her I loved her,
She left before I could hand her a letter- the letter I was going to write and give her before she left on her mission,
So this post will have to do. {tears}

We all knew we would be without her for 18 months, so she could serve in as we met at Pizza Hut for one last dinner with friends, I sat by her and soaked in every funny thing that she said, and I especially enjoyed her eye rolling, and all the funny stories about Kent (her Hubby). We exchanged cute stories about the Grand Kids-We played catch-up on what our grown kids were up to-and I so admired how she spoke so respectful of all her kids spouses. In fact I decided-then & there- that is how I would speak of my in-laws also. I totally enjoyed that evening, knowing that it would be the last time until they returned from their mission. Little did I know...

As I Remember...I think...What a Blessing she was to everyone who had the opportunity to know her!!!
The first time I met her, I thought she was a little snooty...then I had a chance to spend more time with her and realized...just the opposite...she was crazy...then after more time, I thought...I'm crazy...then I thought-wow-I really like her!!! I soon became accustomed to her, and her hilarious personality...WHAT A GEM!!! She was a keeper and I am thankful for the gift of her friendship, because she taught me:

  • To love unconditional
  • To cherish small things
  • To strengthen my testimony
  • To have fun, no matter what or where
  • To enjoy the Grand kids (no rules involved)
  • To be yourself
  • To accept trials
  • To acknowledge Blessings
  • To serve
  • To be a great Visiting Teacher
  • To be a great Librarian
  • To make good salsa Ha-Ha
  • To laugh, when you feel like crying(dressing room)
  • To walk downtown-in any weather-with headphones!
  • To take on challenges (like learning the russian language)
And she even taught me to text, yea, that's right, she was even tech savvy. I could go on forever about her, and the things she taught me, but for now I will keep them in my HEART.
    I will leave this post with a huge sigh and a heavy heart, because when you find a special friend like "SUSAN" You never want to say goodbye...instead I will say...See You In The Forever!!! Because she is my "FOREVER FRIEND" and forever friends don't say goodbye...they just shed tears and look forward to the day when they will laugh together again!!!

    So...If you have a friend like Susan...don't forget to tell her what she means to you...because it's easier to do in person!!! Oh yeah, I forgot to tell her that she had the prettiest eyes-EVER!!! 



    1. Oh Margret, That was awesome! Thanks for bringing back the memories of Susan! I miss her too!!! I have felt some of those same feelings and your right...we need to let the people we care about most know how we feel about them! living here for so long I feel blessed to know how many friends I have just in our own little ward! I know you and I don't run in the same circle, (I don't think I have a circle), but I have always looked up to you! What a great example you are to me in so many ways. Thank you for always talking to me when I needed to vent and for sharing your talents! I want to be just like you when I grow up! Thank you for not judging me in all my trials in life! Thank you for your sweet spirit and also your never ending humor. I wish I had that!!! Life is too short to not laugh, for sure! Your the best! Love your blog! Its the only one I follow and its always uplifting!!! Thanks for all you do!!!
      Love you!!!

    2. Tears. That was a beautiful tribute. Friends are our treasures in life. Yes I agree, So thankful for FOREVER FRIENDS! XO

    3. That is beautiful! Susan is dearly missed in our family (I'm her son, Taylor's, wife). It means a lot to know how she touched other people's lives. She really was one of a kind.

    4. Thank you so much for writing about Mom, it's helpful to me to know how much her friends love her as well as her family. I like you miss talking to her and laughing, she always wanted to laugh and I know she loved having dinner with her friends because she knew she was going to laugh. Thanks again, you made me cry.

    5. Thank you for writing about Mom. It's helpful to me to know that her friends love and miss her as much as her family. And that she hasn't been forgotten. I know she loved having dinner with her friends every month because she knew she was going to laugh and have fun. You made me cry, thank you!
      Love Jaime