Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Weekend Full of CUTE!!!

I hope... that as you look at these pics... You don't O.D. on CUTENESS, cuz it's a whole lot of cuteness...in one little post!!!

The Birthday Boy!!!
Fav. & Only Boy Cousin!!!
Making Name Necklaces...
More Cuteness!!!
Sisters...admiring their creations
What's a Party without a Pinata...and improvising.
 Lil' Sis helps unwrap...

 Who needs friends-when you have- all these cousins.

We now have a new photographer in the family!
 Taking pictures of Grandpa...Cleaning-now that's a Picture.
Hugs for Mom
Her hard work was appreciated!!!
She fed us Chicken, cheessy, black beany, kind of soup...

What more can I say...I'm overwhelmed with CUTE...and Love...and Gratefulness... for this...is what makes MY world go around!!!
Have a FAB week and...

Fear Less.
Hope More.

Eat Less.
Chew More.

Whine Less.
Breathe More.

Talk Less.
Say More.

Love More
And all good things will be yours.
Swedish Proverb

1 comment:

  1. You're right!
    Cute boy.
    Cute party.
    Cute sisters.
    Cute activity idea.
    Cuteness overload for sure!!
    LOVED the Swedish Proverb there at the end too!