Thursday, January 20, 2011

Good Advice with a serving of Chocolate...

So...I'm at work the other day, and I really need some chocolate {nothing new-right?} Well I don't bring chocolate to work, for obvious reasons.ha 
I searched high and low, and guess what? yeah, I found 2 Dove squares in my tote bag, I'm pretty sure they have been there for awhile... So I open and I ENJOY- mmmmm, then I read the wrapper and laugh, do they know I'm a worrier!!!
Then of course I tear into the other square, mmmmmmmm and read the wrapper and guess what? It said the very same thing...really, is there someone trying to convey a message to me...
So, I'm just sitting on the couch, just chillin', and not worrying a bit- that's right-Be Happy-Don't Worry!!! Ha- Ha

So don't worry friends, I'm not worrying!!! Such a good Feeling!!!

The dishes are piled high, the carpet is furry, the bathroom is well, I'll spare you the details,and my's just like someone threw up clothes everywhere, and the TV room is messssyyy.
But who cares- I'm not worried!!!
I'm just blog stalking and looking at everyone else's much fun, this- not worrying thing.
Maybe you should all try it, it feels your first kiss(can't believe I said that) 
My first "kiss" was disgusting...sorry Clint, but I'm sure you thought the same- right? 
Any-hoo I'm good, no really don't worry about me, I'm really fine, and I suggest you all eat a little {dove chocolate} and read your little wrapper, and take the advice, it's the twenty-eleven thing to do!!!


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