Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Just a little ditty...

Ditty: Don't know the definition, but I think it is a project done in less than an hour. Let me know- if I'm wrong...ha-ha.

This cute little box was given to me during the holidays...but it was covered in christmas design and it was filled with the most amazing goodies {HOMEMADE} by my neighbor friend- Sherie.

After Christmas, I was putting everything away, and de-junking old Christmas STUFF...and I came across the christmasy box...My first instinct was to throw away, because I had no room to store it. 

Then came the "lightbulb" moment, RE-PURPOSE!!! Yea, I could use that cute box to cure another problem- going around the nest...TABLE CLUTTER- does anyone have that problem???

So... out came the scrapbook paper, and the MOD PODGE!!!I traced, and cut, and Mod Podged... and well now that cute little box is a cute little DITTY...and the Ditty- now sits on my table and catches all the mail and other CRAP that clutters up my table!!!

GENIUS- I know...I love the new look, and I love that I re-purposed, instead of throwing away,a perfectly good box!!! I also saved $$$- so triple good- right???
Oh, Yeah, and my table looks stunning- all clean and all, and when someone comes over, I can just scoop up all the crap on my table-shove it in the new ditty & leave the little ditty out, cuz it is so pretty.

Although I do look at it from time to time- and wish it was still full of {homemade} goodies!!! 

If...Sherie is reading this...You could bring over more goodies just to see how they look in the new re-purposed box- good idea, I think!!!

Anyway, I'm on a roll now...more re-purposing, because it makes me feel warm inside...you know, like saving the earth, kind of warm.

So, stay tuned, become a FOLLOWER...and COMMENT...{PLEASE}...cuz me likey the COMMENTS!!!

It's starting to look like "LOVE" around the nest...Pics are coming SOON. PROMISE!!!

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  1. CUTE! Oh you inspire me! Can't wait to decorate for LOVE month! One of my favorites. Among the best is the sour cream sugar cookies. Do I dare make them? yummmmmmmmmmmmm Enjoy the month. XO