Monday, February 14, 2011

Hearts Day &...

This day is always so great for is a day that you can share your thoughts and give sweets to those you love- what could be greater!!!

So for all of you who hate Valentine Day, because you don't have a LOVE in your life-Look around -and share with those that are lonely- or sad- or just need an extra boost. REALLY- it doesn't have to be about you...find some kids in your neighborhood and spoil them with love and candy!!! 
So... L*O*V*E... Don't HATE...It can be fun with a little imagination!!!

On to the reason that I am posting today:
This day means that I have had 32 years with a man that is a true romantic...He gives me flowers...and this year- Chocolate dipped Strawberries...and he gives his Mom flowers...and he gives his Daughters flowers...and that is what I love about this man!!!
This week we will celebrate our 32nd Anniversary and what could be better than to have all this love stuff floating around...NOTHING!!!

We have had our good times, our bad times, our ok times, our hard times, and also the best of the best times...and all those times have made us strong!!!  We will continue to SIZZLE - because that is what L*O*V*E is all about!!!

32 Years is a long...long...long time-but I'm glad WE have endured- because it is all worth it- and I love that he puts up with me- and that he argues so good, because that is important. lol
Martina McBride says it so much better than I-so listen to the song- and then go have some fun!!!
Let L*O*V*E OOOZZZZ from every pore!!!

Just Like JACK!!!

Let go...
Let Love lead the Way!!!
P.S. I Love all of you- MY Blog READERS...

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