Monday, February 7, 2011

All Weekend long...

This was our MOTTO last weekend...

Yea, that is hard to imagine, right???
This is how it all started:
Went shopping on Saturday with daughter and her 3 kids...
I  have 8 year old Sophie and 6 year old Carter in my cart,and this is what was said:
Carter: How old are you Grandma?
Me: Um-how old do you think I am?
Carter: Hmmm-pause-uh...24?
Me:{laugh uncontrollable} Yeah that's right!
Carter: How old is Grandpa?
Me: How old do you think he is?
Carter: Uh---60!!!
Me: Laugh uncontrollable-no he's 51!
Sophie: Yeah Carter, don't you remember the big party we had for Grandpa-like a year ago???
Carter: Grandma is 24- ha- ha
Sophie: Carter, Mom is 31!!! {laugh uncontrollably}
Carter: {laugh uncontrollable}That is so funny Grandma is 24 and my mom is 31-that is hilarious!!!
We all laugh uncontrollably-and Sophie falls off the cart and Carter well he just thinks he's a genious- cuz he guessed how old I was...
I love My Grandkids!!!

Then on Sunday we went to visit my son, wife, and their 3 girls...
and yes the laughing continued...
I was sitting on the couch and taking video with my Ipod- the girls were running around being goofy! Then Brin. trips and falls and I'm laughing uncontrollably and forget to video the funniest thing ever, or so I thought... A few minutes later, I'm videoing again and I look out of the corner of my eye, and there is Brin. with her pom-poms...swinging her hips...singing...and throwing her pom-poms...well I look at her mom and we bust up, {laughing uncontrollably} and guess what, yep, you got it...I didn't catch it on video...what is wrong with me- all these funny moments and I forget to video!!!
I'm too busy enjoying busy to record it, sheesh, it's crazy-this laughing uncontrollably, but I wouldn't have it any other way!!!
So you will just have to take my word for it- We had a great weekend...laughing uncontrollably!!!
Loving life as a 24 year old!!!
I hope your weekend was all that & more!!!

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