Saturday, February 26, 2011

All in the Name of L*O*V*E-{sigh}

So...the old blog has been neglected, because I've been busy celebrating Anniversary, and trying to chase the sun...
Our Anniversary day was Thursday, so of course we went to dinner, because we were going to celebrate on the weekend- on that thursday eve. we headed out, but- not before I took a picture of the Hub-32 years and I still think he's pretty cool!!!

Off we went- to find a restaurant, but we walked outside and this is what we saw:

A FULL MOON...Awesome, thanks moon for looking so good tonite!!!
We had a good nite- eating at Winger's- Good conversation-good food- ribs- yummmm, and remember the real celebrating was going to be on the weekend.
I'm looking forward to leaving town, and taking on my fav. place-
Park City.
Wake up Saturday morning to this:

WHAT!!! Snow, and this was just the beginning of the storm...We haven't had hardly any snow all winter, but make plans- to leave town- and this is what happens!!!Crud!!!
Plan B: There is no plan I tune into the weather channel and I see 5o degrees in Moab...Let's Go!!!
Moab is only 1 + hours, so away we go...
50 degrees- here we come!!! Are you ready for us???
1st stop- {Migeals} favorite Mexican restaurant in Moab!!!
Drive around enjoying the weather- looking at everything- with the windows rolled down... and we drive by this cool park-we just had to stop-A MUSICAL Park- all made from recycled junk- wow-Let's go play!!!

Well it looks like someone had fun...He is quite the musician!!!
Notice: Sunshine, and no coats- yee-haw!!! Mission Accomplished-chasing the sun paid off!!!
Oh, and look at the heart stump...I think that was just for us...

and the Bridge- just imagine what that will look like this summer!!!

So, after all the music making- we headed back home.Nice day, I'd SAY!!! I'm coming back to this {sweet} park.
There is stay tuned to:
All in the name of Love: Part 2
Peace out- I always talk like a hippie, when I go to MOAB- COOL MAN...

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