Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Favorite Read!!!

I LOVE to read, and that is an understatement.
If I could pick a day that I could do anything, 
it would be to read all day...& night!
So last summer, I decided to re-cover my fav. book...because it was a little ragged, and then I was called to be on the Stake Girls camp I made my re-cover job- the craft for Girls Camp! Brilliant- right? They all loved it, too!
I love the re-cover because it is ready to go- anytime I am...and that is a lot. Trips, Doctor Appt.,waiting,work breaks, and pretty much anywhere and anything.
But mostly, I love the re-cover because of what's inside...HOPE-LOVE-HELP-DIRECTION,ETC.
Then came Christmas, and the Gift from "R",
An Ipod!!! So then there was competition with the re-cover...what's a girl to do with so many options??? Well the Girl takes the IPOD now, but occasionally- I throw in the re-cover...just to humble me. lol
All the same though...because I'm enriching my mind and heart- either way- it's a win-win!!!
And I love winning!!!
{I'm a little competitive}I'm sure that is news to all of you. ha-ha
So here is the cute couple sharing in the limelight!!!

So my friends, if you seek wisdom- and inspiration- and help- for anything in your life...Read my Favorite Book...It's Free!!!
Send me your name and address- and I'll be sending you one in the mail, because I want you to have all the happiness that I do.
Share the LOVE...
Speaking of Love...This lovely couple is:

The NEW Bishop and Sister Bishop- of the
Castle Dale 2nd Ward! 
We are so excited for them, and we think that they are going to be Great and do Great things- so Congrats to my lovely daughter and her Hubby! What a spiritual day that was!!!
I will now close on that happy Note...
Happy Week- Friends!!!
Read...Love, MEG


  1. Well I need a new favorite book! I love to read but never make time!! You always make everything fun! I promise to be your new BFF if you share with me!!! Thanks for you great inspirations and sharing your fun with the rest of us!!! Your Awesome as I always say!!!

  2. I will have one for you- thursday night- looking forward to all the fun!!!

  3. Wow! Congrats to Bishop...and wife? At least they are smiling in the picture :) Give them hugs from us! Also, can you send me your strategy to making the TIME to read that favorite book?... :) Love ya'!

  4. Well Alicia- You can always keep your book in the bathroom- and thats at least 10 min. a day, right? lol Being a young mommy of three does present a time crunch, but midnight is always an option!!! I am no help, I'm sorry-just keep trying...